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This spectacular light display in Canada will make you think there is an alien invasion


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It might look like the stuff of science fiction and conspiracy theorists that aliens have descended on our planet, but this Canadian photographer’s stunning images of bright-coloured beams in the sky are very much an earthly phenomenon.

Timothy Joseph Elzinga, from Ontario, who goes by the name Timmy Joe on his YouTube channel, was surprised to wake up in the middle of the night to see bright-coloured lights shooting up into the sky.


“I was trolled by nature last night,” Elzinga said in his latest video.

After being woken up by his son at 1:30 in the morning, Elzinga said he went to the bathroom and looked out of the window.


“I see these crazy light beams,” he said, adding that he thought at first he was looking at Northern Lights. “It was a super clear night and you can see every star in the sky. And these light beams were emanating from the ground – blasting hundreds of feet in the air.”

Elzinga then went out to investigate and took some photos. After some research, he realised they were ‘light pillars’.


According to Nasa, this phenomenon occurs when temperatures are cold and moisture freezes to form tiny ice crystals that are suspended in the air and reflect light.

Timmy Joe.
(Timmy Joe/YouTube screenshot)

“During freezing temperatures … flat fluttering ice crystals may form near the ground in a form of light snow, sometimes known as a crystal fog,” Nasa said.

The crystals normally reflect ground lights from nearby cars, houses and street lamps, creating spectacular vertical columns of light.


“They were all different colours,” Elzinga added. “They danced around in the sky which was pretty neat.”

“You have to be in the right place at the right time to see these light pillars. And I was in the perfect spot to see them.”

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