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How Sasha and Malia Obama have been the most badass first daughters


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As Barack Obama’s time in the White House comes to a close, it’s not just the president who we’re going to sorely miss. We’re also sad to be bidding farewell to his daughters Sasha and Malia, who have proved time and time again that they seriously are the coolest.

They entered the White House at the tender ages of seven and 10 respectively, and now eight years later they have grown up into young women under the close scrutiny of the whole world. And luckily, they’ve done everyone proud – and here’s how.

They’ve got the smarts

After her gap year, Malia’s heading off to college. You might have heard of it actually: it’s called Harvard.

Sasha is equally dedicated to her studies, having missed her father’s last speech as president because she had to stay home and study for an exam the next day. Bless.

They’re down to earth

The girls aren’t just given handouts: TMZ reported that Sasha spent some time working at a fast food seafood restaurant called Nancy’s in Martha’s Vineyard in August 2016, working for her pocket money just like any other teenager.

Malia has also proved herself to be hardworking and driven: She reportedly aspires to be a filmmaker and has done various internships – including working on the set of Lena Dunham’s HBO series Girls. Now that’s one seriously cool gig.

They’re style icons

The girls have grown up in the public eye, and we’ve seen them blossom into poised young ladies. Just like their mother, they’ve got some serious game on the fashion front as well.

They’ve got a sense of humour

As part of the first family, everything the girls do comes under close scrutiny. This is probably why, when Malia was spotted at a festival smoking a hand-rolled cigarette (which many suspected was weed), there was widespread outrage.

However, Malia shrugged off the criticism like a total boss, and was later spotted sporting a t-shirt hilariously emblazoned with the words: “Smoking kills.”

They help their dad out

Whenever they can, you can see Malia and Sasha supporting the president at his speeches, events, and wherever they’re needed.

When Malia was 17 she accompanied her father on a trip to Cuba, and in Havana she stepped in to translate a conversation between Obama and a Spanish-speaking chef.

They have good music taste

Just like their father, the girls have pretty cool music taste – how many other teenage girls have seen Beyonce perform countless times?

How this picture found its way onto the internet and whether or not it’s 100% legit is questionable, but nonetheless we love that Malia was allegedly seen rocking a Pro Era t-shirt (the NYC hip hop collective fronted by Joey Bada$$).

They have the cutest relationship

Sisterly relationships are tough, but they’re also the best thing ever. No matter how much you fight or bicker, sisters always have your back. Sasha and Malia always seem to be there for each other, and we absolutely love it.

This might be our favourite moment from them. When Sasha was speaking to actor Ryan Reynolds Malia could be seen in the background giving her the “you go girl” thumbs up – just like anyone would when their sis is talking to a Hollywood hottie.

They’ve somehow managed to grow up and become what seems like totally normal, nice and fun girls despite the strangeness of their upbringing – how many teenagers are taught to drive by the Secret Service and still handle themselves like total legends?

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