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In Case You Missed It: Here's all the cool stuff Nasa did in 2016


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Throughout this week we'll be catching you up on the news you might have missed over the Christmas break. First up: space success... 

While life on Earth has been a bit, shall we say, shaky this year, life in space has been quite the opposite.

Nasa has had some pretty big moments in 2016 – here are some of the best:

Developed technology for commercial flights so it’s kinda like you’re travelling in an actual spaceship.

Discovered this super cool supermassive black hole.

Showed us Mercury as a teeny tiny black dot.

Discovered more planets in one single planet-finding mission than ever before.

Found out more about black holes (but mainly just made this weirdly hypnotic gif).

Created the most powerful rocket in the entire world.

Helped bring everyone’s favourite astronaut home.

Astronaut GIF – Find & Share on GIPHY

Organised social events for us earthlings who love a bit of sport and space.

Took some amazing snaps of Mars and made the journey to the red planet seem that bit closer.

And finally, taught us that even the most professional of people struggle to avoid an accidental photobomb.

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