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These pictures show the most tweeted words in the world's most popular cities and they're pretty telling


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All Londoners talk about is rain, football and the Underground, right? Well it may be how they’re perceived by the rest of the world, but there’s more to the conversation in the capital than assumed.

Thanks to, we know the most popular words used among Londoners on Twitter, as well as the topics of hot conversation in nine of the world’s most popular cities.

They analysed 1,000 tweets in each city to pinpoint the most descriptive words shared among those in each location,  and the results are pretty telling.

London's most tweeted words

“Parliament”, “Brexit” and “UK” dominated tweets in London unsurprisingly, seconded by “taxes” and the “Thames”.

The Tube also got a big nod in the city, along with “design”, “love” and the word “iconic”.

Barcelona's most tweeted words

Football star Lionel Messi dominated online conversation in the Catalonian city, with “restaurant”, “bar” and “urban” not far behind – proving downtime is very important to those in Barcelona.

“Architecture” was also a favourite, and it’s no surprise given Barcelona is home to many of Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces.

Milan's most tweeted words

“Fashion”, “proud” and “art” were popular words shared on social  media in Milan, probably expected given the city’s reputation as the world capital for fashion and design.

Tweets also revolved massively around “love, “sport” and “summer” too.

Dubai's most tweeted words

Online discussion in Dubai concentrated mainly on “money” and “city”, with the words “entrepreneur” and “banking” solidifying the city’s focus on economics.

Though there was a big shout out to “happiness”, “food” and the “mall”, in addition to the tallest structure in the world, the Burj Khalifa.

Sydney's most tweeted words

Down Under, the words “bonanza”, ” wild” and “inspired” dominated tweets, with “health” and “business” not too far behind.

Sydney also displayed a love for all things “mangrove”, “harbour” and, of course, “rugby”.

Paris's most tweeted words

Paris, known as the city of love, did not disappoint with the words “love”, “life” and “beautiful” being favoured in the French capital.

“Culture” and “Parisienne” were also pretty common, as well as “change” and “special”.

Rio's most tweeted words

The temperature was discussed heavily on Twitter in Rio, as was “photography” and ”Christ” – possibly helped by the Christ the Redeemer statue.

Remnants of the Olympics 2016 are also evident with the words “games”,  ”stadium” and “viva” well-liked among Brazilians.

Tokyo's most tweeted words

“Anime” ruled the Japanese capital’s tweets – and we’re not surprised – with “live” proving a huge hit too.

“Music”, “camera” and “fairies” – perhaps in reference to the super-popular Japanese girl band as opposed to the mythical flying creature – were also favoured in Tokyo.

Moscow's most tweeted words

Moscow’s most-used words were heavily influenced by the city’s culture and history, with “design”, “architecture”, “Kremlin” and “red” – likely down to the Red Square – as stand-outs.

“Military”, “guard” and “patrol embassy” also popped up quite a bit in online chat.

New York's most tweeted words

“Community” was by far the most popular among New Yorkers, with favoured words “love” and “alive” enveloping a similar feeling of unity.

The bright lights of the Big Apple also shone through with “famous”, “celebrity” and “fashion” being prevalent throughout the city’s tweets.

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