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Here's what 6 UK students think about the US presidential candidates


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America’s Judgement Day has arrived. By the end of this evening, American citizens will have elected their 45th President - but which way will it swing?

We gauged the opinions of students up and down the country to find out their opinions on today’s historic vote, and which way they would vote if they had the power to change fate.

Spoiler Alert: it's pretty one sided. 

George Storr, University of Edinburgh:

"Clinton is a politician's politician. She'll say what she has to say, when she has to say it and in some cases, happily go back on it afterwards.

"It would be an important and positive step for the US to have a female president though, and her presidency coinciding with Theresa May's premiership could be highly symbolic of important progress in terms of equality.

"She's by no means perfect, but hidden away inside that political shell you get the impression there is a human almost willing to break free.

"Trump on the other hand seems like a practical joke gone too far. Please pick the lesser of two evils, America." 

Borislava Todorova, University of Kent:

"Hillary's controversy seems to come from her long experience as a politician, a career that often involves dealing with lots more lesser evils than most. Meanwhile, Donald's controversy comes from him being an incompetent and all around nasty human being."

Charlotte Winspear, University of Strathclyde:

"I think the fact that Hillary Clinton is the only 'viable' option for the presidential race says a lot about the state of American politics at the moment. Given that she is still failing to lead in the points race over Trump tells us even more about her character.

"Although I disagree completely with Trump, I think he will be looked back on as someone who changed the American political system, as, like Corbyn or perhaps the Brexit vote, he is representing a strand of political opinion that usually goes ignored/filtered out.

"The more a group of that kind goes ignored, the more Trump figures sprout up to exploit those views - so maybe we can learn from this.

"People should also not be so quick to look past Clinton's foreign policy record, as she is not the 'doveish' alternative to Trump's "LETS GO TO WAR WITH ISIS!"

Harley Alexa, UCL:

"My thoughts are that if Trump wins it would be a HUGE step back for America after having someone as forward-thinking as Obama. I don’t know how anyone can take him seriously when he’s just a failed businessman with absolutely no experience in politics and has no idea what he’s doing."

Stefan Jajecznyk, UCL: 

"As much as I hate to say it, I can see Trump winning. The bilious nature of the campaign is reminiscent of the UK before the referendum. Lies, outrageous claims and scaremongering - there certainly are parallels. Brexit, for me, has effectively eroded all my hope in humanity to the point where I can no longer understand the decisions we collectively make.

"I hope I am wrong and I hope Hillary wins - but given what 2016 has been like to date, a Trump victory is entirely plausible."

Emily Louise O’ Sullivan, Sheffield Hallam University:

"I think it's been interesting because both of the candidates have had skeletons come out of their closet - Clinton with her emails and Trump’s sexualisation of women. Both of them are not really suitable for president, just due to the nature of how they will run things. I think Clinton is on top just purely on the fact that Trump isn't very believable.

"I honestly wouldn't want either of them to win, but if I had to pick one it would be Clinton as Trump is far too radical."

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