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What does the UK really make of Donald Trump?


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New research claims that 77% of UK voters actively oppose Trump’s election. 

The survey, conducted by London-based Company Design Technology, asked what emotions people would feel respectively if Trump/Clinton were elected.

This statistic was a point higher where females were concerned, with 78% of women opposed to Donald Trump’s election. This implies a meaningful effect on the overall average and the initial figure of 77%. Women are seemingly particularly anti-Trump, which is unsurprising given the recent media furore surrounding his history of misogynistic comments.

It was also notable that 28% of voters overall, and 30% of women, said they would be ‘relieved’ if Hillary Clinton took the Presidency. Trump is at present surrounded by numerous accusations of sexual assault and even an alleged child rape case

The research also revealed that 51% of UK citizens would feel positive about Clinton’s election - compared to 12% who would feel positive were Trump to triumph.

The negativity attached to Trump by UK voters seems to outstrip the positive feeling behind Clinton, suggesting at least a portion of British voters deem Clinton ‘a lesser of two evils’ and nothing more.  

Nevertheless Hillary would, according these new figures, receive 81% of the popular vote in the UK - which would be higher than polls in any US State.

Those who voted for Brexit, the chunk of voters that some suspected would hold the most Donald Trump sympathies, were notably anti-Trump. 68% of Brexit voters felt negatively about the idea of Donald Trump following Obama in the Whitehouse.

37% percent of UK voters were indifferent or undecided - and America faces a similar and important section of ‘swing voters’, which could ultimately decide the election result.

Bookmakers currently have Clinton as an odds-on favourite at 3/10, with Trump trailing at 11/4.

Trump’s odds having recently lengthened, suggesting the bookies have lost yet more faith in the ‘make America great again’ campaign.

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