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Ryanair sends passenger's laptop to Romania, but tells her she needs to go there to pick it up


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Ryanair flew a passenger’s lost laptop to Romania – and now they won’t post it back.

The budget airline company are insisting that Susan Connolly, who lost her device at Stansted, pick it up in Romania’s capital city Bucharest.

Susan sitting in the Cambridge Union.
(Peter Nixon/Cambridge Union)

The writer has been without her laptop, which has drafts of novels and scripts on, for three months.

To top it off, Ryanair haven’t actually spoken to her about it, instead relaying information through the airport in Bucharest.

Susan got a plane from Dublin to London on April 25th this year. She sat in the emergency exit row and as a result had to put her laptop in an overhead locker, where she later left it.

The 31-year-old realised her mistake just as the doors on the shuttle bus were closing to take passengers from the plane to the airport.

Around 20 minutes after the plane landed, Susan was at the Ryanair check in desk to ask if it could be found.

The Ryanair check-in counter at East Midlands Airport, where Ryanair chief executive gave a press conference to announce new route developments for the airport.
(Rui Vieira/PA)

“They said they had already checked the plane and there was no way to recheck it,” she said.

The laptop wasn’t found on the plane, the grounds staff didn’t have it, and Susan thought it had been stolen.

“I went and changed all my passwords and then the next day I called the lost property service again and they didn’t have it. Then I got an email from Romania saying they had found my laptop, because the plane I had got from Dublin to London had then gone on to Romania.”

Susan continued: “I was delighted because I thought this would be an easy fix – I thought I would probably have to pay something to get my laptop back but I thought it would be fine.

“Bucharest Airport said they could send it back via a Ryanair plane to Stansted but I would have to give notice that I understood it might get damaged.”

Susan said that was fine, and gave them her full permission to send the laptop back to London.

Susan at a book signing for her novel Damsel.
(Stephen Boyle/PA)

But three months later, and Susan’s laptop is still in Romania.

When Susan called Bucharest again, they told her Ryanair was refusing to allow them to put the laptop on a plane, or post it to her.

A Ryanair plane in the air.
(Rui Vieira/PA)

“The only option I had was either to fly there myself or to make a friend in Bucharest who I can nominate go and pick up my laptop, which to me seems ridiculous.

“They know where it is, they know it’s mine, I don’t understand why they can’t arrange for me to get it back.”

If Susan wants to get her laptop back next week, Ryanair’s website says a return flight between Stansted and Bucharest would cost her £269.98, with more than 10 hours spent waiting at the airport.

Ryanair's quote for a return flight from Stansted to Bucharest

Susan has taken to Twitter to get the attention of Ryanair, who, despite Susan’s calls, have so far not spoken to her on the subject.

She has only been able to get information from Bucharest lost and found.

Her friends have also tried talking to Ryanair in a bid to get them to respond.

Paul Quigley – Guys you’ve had my friends laptop for… | Facebook

Susan lives in Cambridge and is from Dublin. She returns home around once a month and says it’s the first time she has faced a problem from the budget airline.

“I’m quite frustrated,” she said. “I think what is most frustrating about it is you hear all this stuff about Ryanair and how they’re horrible to fly on, but I actually quite like flying on Ryanair.”

“This is first time I’ve come up with that inflexible bureaucracy that they have.”

Ryanair said their customer service team would look into the matter and try and resolve it with Susan.

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