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This man has set up a crowdfunding campaign so racists can 'send him back to Africa'

18th July 2016

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Ever since Europeans travelled across oceans to plunder whole continents, steal their inhabitants and either take them forcefully to another land or invite them to come over later on in the process, people of colour have been being told to “go back to [place I perceive you to come from]".

Larry Mitchell, from Indiana in the US, has decided to take this rather racist advice and run with it – setting up a GoFundMe page where “KKK, Skin Heads and anyone else with like mind thinking are welcome to donate” to pay for a trip somewhere in Africa.

larry Mitchell poses in picture
(Larry Mitchell/Go Fund Me)

“Send me ‘back’ to Africa fund… If you want me to go back to Africa I will gladly go… you can help make your dream and mine come true… accepting all donations… KKK, Skin Heads and anyone else with like mind thinking are welcome to donate… Thank you.. God bless you and America… #putyourmoneywhereyourhateis,” Mitchell wrote on the page.

So far he’s raised over $1,000 for his cause, with reasons people have given ranging from “blaxit” to “Lmao Lol” to “I want out too!” and even a comment from “fed up white guy” with a donation of five dollars and a message saying “you better not come back”.

There’s a history of movements by African Americans touting repatriation to Africa as the answer to America’s race problems, with the most famous proponent being Marcus Garvey, although it’s a policy white power groups also supported. Ghana currently has a “Right of Abode” programme, allowing anyone of African descent to become a legal resident in the country, though it’s a law not without its problems.

Mitchell’s fund was clearly set up as a joke – although the sentiment behind it is real, with more flagrant forms of racism and xenophobia returning or increasing again worldwide. If you’d like to help Mitchell out, you can do so here.

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