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Quarter of Harvard's graduating class didn't have sex at uni

28th May 2015

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One in four of those graduating from Harvard University didn’t have sex whilst they were there, according to a newly released survey – and of those that did, 21% only popped the proverbial cherry once they’d started university.

The annual survey of soon to be graduates at one of the world’s most prestigious universities has laid bare the sexual lives of some of the world’s brightest students.

In terms of the sex question, it found that 24% said that they didn’t have sex whilst at Harvard, and that 58% were virgins when they started at the university.

A clear divide was found in terms of gender – of those that said that they did have sex whilst at university, 19% of men said that they had had ten or more sexual partners, whilst for women this number was only 7%.

And whilst 45% of male Harvard seniors said that they watched porn “multiple times per week”, 56% of women said that they hadn’t watched any at all during their time at university.

The survey, carried out by the university’s paper The Harvard Crimson, asked 760 (almost half) of the Ivy League university’s 2015 graduating class various questions about their time at college – including what they plan to do after graduation, whether they felt marginalised if LGBT, and whether they would choose the world-leading university if they were to apply to university again.

As the Crimson notes, this year’s class – noted by administrators four years ago as the “most diverse applicant pool in the history of the college” will graduate after “weathering two hurricanes, three different deans of the College, and the Boston Marathon bombing.”

Read the full survey here.

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