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Ben and Jerry's have just upped the ice cream game

27th February 2014

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They’re everyone’s favourite purveyor of indulgent frozen treats, and today we might just have grown to love Ben and Jerry’s even more than we already did.

Step forward, the brand new “core” line – which features flavours that are almost making us salivate even though it’s 10am and we’ve only just eaten breakfast.

The new flavours, of which there are four, all include two different flavours - separated by a decadently gooey core - which explains the name.

And what are the new flavours that have got the internet so overexcited this morning? Obviously, this is the main question – and we’re not disappointed.

The line consists of Peanut Butter Fudge, Salted Caramel (fairly self-explanatory), Hazed and Confused (consisting of chocolate/hazelnut ice cream, fudge chunks and a core of hazel flavoured fudge) and That’s My Jam (raspberry/chocolate ice cream, fudge chunks, raspberry core).

Let us say some of those words again: peanut... butter... fudge.

Also, miniature peanut butter cups. ALSO, peanut butter fudge core.

We think this is a product defining moment in the history of ice cream.

(At the moment there’s no word on when the new flavours will be hitting UK rather than just US shelves, but we’re choosing to ignore this because we have to believe that this will be happening, and soon. If not, well – we’re sure it’s worth a trip across the pond.)

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