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Saudi cleric calls for babies to wear burkas

6th February 2014

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Speaking to al-Majd TV, Saudi cleric Sheikh Abdullah Daoud has stated that female babies in Saudi Arabia should wear the burka.

The comments, which are said to have been made in October last year, have sparked outrage amongst Saudi communities, with commentators saying that such a requirement would breach  privacy and be “denigrating to Islam and Sharia.”  

The comments come after a video uploaded to Youtube a year ago saw Daoud claim that very young girls should wear the hijab, this time from the age of two:

In the more recent video, which was picked up by Al Arabiya, Daoud claims that his assertions come from medical and security sources – although he doesn’t specify which.

The burka covers the entire face and body and leaves exposed only the eyes, whilst the hijab is wrapped around the head and covers the hair.

Saudi society requires that girls cover their heads from puberty or from around the age of 12, although there is nothing in the Koran that dictates this.    

There is no age of consent in Saudi Arabia, but sex outside of marriage is prohibited. At present there is no lower age limit on marriage, although a law was drafted in December that would set the legal age for marriage at 18.

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