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What if living your dream meant living a lie? Heart-wrenching video paints a sad picture of Sochi Winter Games


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As time hurtles on and the Sochi Games draw nearer, the harsh glow of the spotlight has fallen on Russia’s recently enacted anti-gay laws, leaving preparations for the prestigious Winter Games overshadowed.

Sochi Winter OlympicsPutin’s new law banning "homosexual propaganda", passed in June, has only being applied to a handful of incidents to date but has sent shockwaves across the globe.

All-Out, a not-for-profit organisation that envisions a world “where no person will have to sacrifice their family or freedom because of who they are or who they love,” captures the hard-hitting consequences of anti-gay legislation, in a move to raise awareness and repeal the heavy-handed law.


The film, shot by Leighton Cox, prompts the much-asked question: What will happen if a gay athlete wins at the Sochi Games?

The poignant reality of Russia’s anti-gay laws is played out in a punchy two-minute clip, as a couple flits across the ice rink to the echoing sound of a rousing speech  made by Jacques Rogge from the London 2012 Olympics, triumphantly espousing the importance of the values and principles that the Olympics represents. We see these very same values directly infringed upon as director Mike Buonaiuto captures the restrictions placed upon gay Olympians.

Whilst the victorious ice skater receives her gold medal, a moment of celebration and pride is transformed into a moment of cruel reflection as she is unable to embrace or acknowledge her female lover. Sadly, this jarring scene reflects the lived-in experience of the LGBT community due to newly instated laws that effectively outlaw public affection amongst gay couples.

The message accompanying the stirring images confirms that the video is far from fictional, given Russia’s “violent crackdown” against the gay community.

Mike Buonaiuto hopes that in spreading the video “we can demonstrate that people power can make a difference and these anti-gay laws in Russia are both un-Olympian and deemed unacceptable by the international community.”

The campaign represents an impassioned plea to the International Olympic Committee, demanding that they speak out and stand by its Olympic principles of non-discrimination to ensure that the anti-gay laws are repealed before the 2014 Sochi Games commence.

All Out is asking people to support the project by sharing with their friends with the hashtag #LoveAlwaysWins

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