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'Harlem Shake' dance goes viral


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Trapstep sensation Baauer has come into the limelight - but perhaps not for the reasons he would have anticipated.  His 2012 single Harlem Shake has entered the mainstream due to the latest craze sweeping the internet - the Harlem Shake meme, a video in which people are filmed dancing to the track.

The meme has gone viral since early February, when comedy vlogger Filthy Frank released a video on YouTube. You can watch the video that started it all here. The Harlem Shake only composes a small part of the original video but Frank later created another video extending the gag.

Frank’s videos spawned a domino effect of imitators. A take by YouTube user TheSunnyCoastSkate has become the most popular version, having been virally retweeted and reblogged.

The YouTube trends blog explains the meme’s rapid explosion, with more than 12,000 versions uploaded to the site this month accumulating 44 million views. The meme is being compared to the Gangnam Style dance which gained popularity following K-Pop artist Psy’s release of the track Gangnam Style.

Normally, each video begins with one person, often masked, dancing to the song alone for 15 seconds, surrounded by other people unaware of the dancing individual. When the bass drops, the camera transitions to the entire crowd doing the dance for the next 15 seconds, often wearing a minimum of clothes or crazy outfits while wielding strange props.

One of TNS’ favourite versions of the Harlem Shake is the University of Georgia’s  men’s swimming and diving team’s version:


Do you have 30 seconds to spare to join the Harlem Shake fad?

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