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Life on Mars a reality? Dutch company, Mars One thinks so


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A Dutch company are offering the opportunity to go on a free trip to Mars, but there is just one hitch - it’s one way.

Mars One plans to start a colony on the red planet by 2023 and is looking for astronauts ready to take on the challenge. Over 1,000 applications have already been received.

All that is required from applicants is to be physically and mentally healthy, over 18 and know at least basic English.  You’d also have to be prepared to dedicate eight years to undergoing gruelling training for the mission.

Here’s where it gets even stranger, to raise funds for the ambitious project, the selection process will be in the form of competitive reality TV show. Contestants will square off one another to prove that they should be the chosen humans to inhabit Mars. Audience will select the six groups of four people although only one group will get the chance to go into space.

However, space experts at Montana State University have expressed concerns with the trip and there are still many obstacles to overcome. Angela Des Jardins has cited exposure to radiation as the major issue. Unlike Mars, Earth has magnetic field generated radiation belts which give us protection.

Mars One will start sending rovers and equipment over to Mars in 2016 so there’s still time to think about your application.

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