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Meet the youth group that wants to legalise incest


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Last week, news that the youth wing of a Swedish political party had passed a motion calling for the legalisation of necrophilia and incest.

Cecilia Johnsson

The Stockholm based youth wing of the Swedish Liberal Party, known as LUF, released a statement that said just because these acts are viewed as ‘unusual and disgusting’ that shouldn’t mean they are illegal.

Their position is that these acts should not be illegal based on them being “disgusting”, and based on consent.

Cecilia Johnsson, the president of LUF Stockholm who was at the heart of this controversy, stands by the group’s resolution; “I stand by the vote. I just don't get why this became such big news. I mean, isn't strange that you know about how a district in a small organisation belonging to one of the smallest parties in Sweden thinks in two questions?”

We thought that maybe one of the online medias would write about it and that twitter would react, but not national media and certainly not international."

The group’s resolution passed at their annual meeting on 21st February and suggested that sex between siblings once over the age of 15 should be legal. They also argued that as long as you provide written consent before your death then you someone of your choosing may have sex with your dead body.

In conversation, Johnsson made it clear that the two motions formed part of a package of seventy and they both received little attention in the group’s actual debate.

As well as blowing the issue out of proportion she also stated that the promotion of necrophilia was an addition by the media and not the group she represented.

"The important thing is that you have to give consent when you are alive" she said, adding that the motion contained no explicit mention of sex with the dead.

Of course the news gained traction with local media, and then international media, a fact which coming from a small organisation that holds a just a few seats in the Ricksdag (parliament), led to accusations of it being nothing more than a publicity grab.

The leadership within the party quickly condemned what its youth wing had proposed.

Former Liberal MP Carl B Hamilton lashed out at the youth wing accusing them of craving publicity over politics: “Liberal Youth of Sweden focuses on publicity, but hardly the issues that determines our, and Sweden's future. Surely, you must understand that people are laughing at your liberalism, you nitwits?”

Incest and necrophilia aren’t legal Sweden.

Johnsson claims that the choice made by her youth group was one of pure ideology. If you remove the strange context in which this argument has manifested itself then you are presented with a traditional right-wing liberal position.

A similar motion calling for the abolition of moral laws - which include incest - was passed by the German ethics council in 2014 but was quickly discredited and ridiculed by the political establishment.

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