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'Fight for Feedback' campaign submits whitepaper to the Department of Work and Pensions


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The ‘Fight for Feedback’ campaign, calling for interview feedback to be provided as standard for interviewees, has submitted a white paper proposal to the Department of Work and Pensions.

Credit: Debut

The campaign, which started back in May, is being led by the mobile recruitment app Debut and is backed by several large companies including O2, National Rail and HSBC.

Debut founder Charlie Taylor spoke to The National Student about the origins of the campaign and how he thinks it could contribute to bettering the UK’s economy overall.

Taylor, who founded Debut 18 months ago, said that one of the reasons he decided to start the campaign was because “we [Debut] found in one piece of our research that four out of five students, after a face to face interview - so quite far into the selection process where both they and the company have invested a lot of time - never received any feedback” and that “that was quite staggering”.

Taylor went on to detail how being unsuccessful in an interview and not receiving feedback can severely damage the confidence of younger applicants; this could ultimately lead to fewer applications being made for post-graduation positions. He said: “we know of thousands of thousands of graduate jobs that go unfilled every year”, a fact which unfortunately means “less money going back into the economy”.

The white paper submitted by the Fight for Feedback committee, which is led by Debut, would invite companies to be ‘feedback friendly employers’ if they agree to the 7 guiding principles that promote best practice. The success of this campaign could be greatly beneficial for students looking to improve their employability, as well as businesses that desire a higher volume of quality candidates. 

Taylor, whose mobile app has seen growing success in that past year and a half, suggested that employers focus more on mobile recruitment in the future considering that "30% of millennials do not own a computer, laptop or tablet” making them “purely mobile”. 

You can find out more about Debut’s campaign by clicking here.

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