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"This year will be a reign of terror": Meet the white British Nationalists coming to your campus

25th April 2014

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The demise of the EDL seemed to signal the end of a populist Far Right movement in the UK. However out of the vacuum a new group has risen – one that is more articulate, more thoughtful and just as aggressive. And it’s targeting your campus.

We spoke to an anonymous organiser from National Action, a new British nationalist group that has already campaigned on campuses in Warwick, Swansea, Nottingham, Newcastle, Cambridge and others. From sending black and Asian students “home on a plane” to why mixed marriages are only for “STD-infested sluts”, is this the new face of British Nationalism?

How many members of National Action are there and where are you based?

I don’t want to dodge the question but National Action is not that kind of organisation. We are purely about doing stuff - so we rely on an informal network of activists - as opposed to passive members. We are not huge, maybe 100 soon – 30 you can count at actions and three-four times as many who support us locally.

We now have the Midlands, Northwest, and the South covered. Despite the small numbers we already exceed what most far right groups are capable of – all this in only a few months.

What's your ideology?

Ideologically we are all about consistency. That is what separates us from all the other groups we are competing with. We will never be accused of being dishonest. We are totally open about what we stand for and what we want to see happen - we push this hard because we want to win supporters and upset our enemies.

The right wing won't ever achieve anything until it gets unity, but the problem is it suffers from systemic cowardice. We are about courage – so we model ourselves on those in the past who led from the front.

Why have you particularly chosen to target students?

We chose them because very soon they are going to find out just how hard the system has screwed them – if they knew what we know now we would have an army. The last Labour government aspired to send 50% of 18-21 year olds to university and the total student population has grown exponentially over the past decade. That is 50% of youth who are going to be very angry burger flippers. 

How do you feel when you see a black or Asian student on campus?

How happy I will be to see them on a plane back home.

Is there a particular line you draw when it comes to who should be allowed in Britain? In previous interviews you say: "Europeans can be assimilated on some level... it's far easier to assimilate a white person than a black person". So Europeans are OK in your view of Britain?

To be British you have to be white – if you are white you are assimilable, if you are not white then you are by definition not British. To us this is simple – it is the liberal view of the issue that is convoluted and somehow obsessed.

Our position would be to stop the free-flow of labour and capital that the European Union allows – so this wouldn’t be an issue. The solution to white immigration is short term economic but mixing with non-whites is permanent, so that is why they are treated differently.

How do you view multiculturalism? What about mixed marriages for example?

We want a National Community, not a 'community of communities' or any of that shit. If you're into your academic studies, they all point to multicultural areas being worse places to live than homogeneous communities.

The multicultural state as it is in Britain has displaced us - turned us into lepers in our own country. Our celebrations, our customs and our history has been sidelined whilst simultaneously, we've been told to 'shut up' and accept these changes due to perceived historic injustices (the slave trade, colonialism, etc). We'd burn it to the ground.

We don't see mixed marriages as a good thing but it's only pathetic internet nerds who can't get laid and STD-infested sluts that indulge in that sort of thing.

You use some quite striking imagery on your site, which is very different from the "cut and paste" kind of call to action that groups like the EDL use. You also use of a lot of theoretical arguments in your manifesto. Is this a deliberate attempt to "intellectualise" the debate around race?

National Action needs intelligence but only in moderation. There have been a lot of attempts recently to intellectualise nationalism – but only we are the first to put theory on the street.

National Action creates a space where ‘hipsters’ and ‘skinheads’ come together, and you would be surprised how well they can actually get on. The brawn needs to think smarter – they need to be more convinced in their nationalism so they don’t end up used by conservatives the way the EDL were. The brains need to fight harder – there are millions of intelligent people out there who think like we do but who are too cowardly, who leave the fighting for others – we will show them how to be brave and how to put their ideas into action.

National Action marks the beginning of a new type of nationalist – one that will unite our generation and wipe the opposition off the board.  

What exactly is a "racial activist", and what "direct action" will they take? Is violence a possibility?

The best definition of a 'racial activist' would be someone who's primary motivation for being political involves advancing the interests of their race. The kind of ‘direct action’ these activists engage in is demonstrations and stunts whose aim is to elevate our social status.

We don’t need violence. We firmly believe that we can make nationalism attractive again. The anti-racist movement is safe and lacks originality – we on the other hand are exciting and dynamic. We can use the energy we are building now to increase our options and take power. 

There's been suggestions on the internet that your founding members include those previously in the BNP youth movement? Is there any truth in that? Will you eventually reveal your real identities?

National Action has no connection to the BNP. It is true the BNP does have a youth group called ‘YBNP’ but it isn’t anything like National Action – we are poles apart in terms of who we are and what we do.

The YBNP exists as an auxiliary of the main party whereas National Action is a movement in its own right - the parties were never able to appreciate just how much potential there was to turn nationalism into something young people would want to be part of. We were not formed or funded by any other organisation. National Action was a bullet from the blue for everyone and it is for this reason we have this aurora of anonymity. You should have seen us coming.

Do you have a message to university students?

This year will be a reign of terror.

You need to stop being walked all over. By becoming a nationalist you can actually be something. Only by being a nationalist can you really oppose the system and join in greatest struggle of our time.

Becoming a nationalist was the greatest decision of my life – it has given me the drive and determination I need to succeed in life and friends all across the white world who would offer me a place or take a bullet. 

Life is incredibly boring when all you've got is the 9 'till 5. Even as a student the sequence of studying and drinking is incredibly tedious - only as a nationalist will you feel truly alive – open a newspaper, it is what is happening in the world.

Sooner or later you will have to make a choice: our side or theirs, the side that wins or the side that loses. Our time is coming - choose wisely.

Images sourced from the National Action website.

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