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Energy Shisha: better for you than energy drinks?


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Energy: post-freshers’ week and in the throes of a new term of studying, it might be something that you’re lacking at the moment.

Whilst it would be ideal if we all could just sleep for a few hours and spend the following day feeling utterly refreshed and capable of going about our lives in a less zombified state, we fear that this might not be wholly realistic.

There are various products on the market that exist with the sole purpose of giving you an energy boost. Some of them you’ve definitely heard of; some of them you might not have. Some have greater health concerns attached to them than others – using a caffeinated energy stick (such as e-shisha) is arguably healthier than drinking energy drink, for example.

But what we buy is all about brand recognition - why should you move away from your trusted energy drink brands and into the world of Energy Shisha?

There are a few reasons why it might serve you better. Here they are...

1. Whilst energy drinks are a stimulant, alcohol is a depressant – and we absolutely know that you are going to mix the two at some point, whether you know the dangers of this or not. And what are those dangers? Whilst energy drinks speed up your heart rate, alcohol slows it down – leading to a potential irregular heartbeat situation. Scary? Even more so when you think about how often energy drink is consumed alongside alcohol as standard. With e-shisha you can get the same energy boost – without the risks to your health.

2. Energy drinks, we imagine, aren’t going to do a whole lot of good for your teeth. Energy Shisha, on the other hand, is less likely to give you cavities with its vapours. 

3. Energy Shisha’s effects last around 20 minutes, meaning you won’t get home at 4am but find yourself bouncing off the walls, unable to sleep until 11am... about the time you’ve got to be in a lecture. Oops.

4. It’s cheap. A standard Energy Shisha stick, for example, costs £6.99, and the Energy Shisha Micro just £3.99. We reckon you’d pay more than that for one mixer with energy drink in some clubs.  

5. Celebrities use it! Especially those who were seen partaking of it at The National Reality TV Awards, of which Energy Shisha was an offical sponsor. Honestly, admit it: you can’t get enough of what reality telly stars/90s boyband members are doing. That’s why you waste so much time on the Daily Mail Sidebar, isn’t it...?

6. Everybody wants an iPad right?  Buy an Energy Shisha stick online and you’ll be entered into a monthly prize draw to win an iPad.  It’s not guaranteed, but it’s more than you get with your 250ml of carbonated beverage.

Energy Shisha is a sponsor of The National Reality TV Awards. Get your fix here.  

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