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A morning of chicken korma: A sort of interview with Tommy Robinson from the EDL

5th July 2013

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Tommy RobinsonIn the interests of balanced reporting, when TNS heard that EDL leader Tommy Robinson had been invited to air his views at the Oxford Union we tweeted him asking for a comment.

We didn’t get a comment on the invitation. Instead we found ourselves embroiled in a debate about curry.

One thing we did find out is that Tommy Robinson loves a good korma. He would also quite like it if TNS took him out for one.

We thought the main issue in his life was halting the spread of radical Islam and Sharia in the UK, but it turns out we were wrong. It’s 'lunch' that’s important.

We definitely feel that our morning was enlightening. Here is what happened.

Tommy Robinson on Twittter










That's not the response we usually get when asking for comment, but it seemed harmless enough so we indulged him.

What food would Mr Robinson want? Something really English, right?

Tommy Robinson Korma











Yes, the 'Muslim' word was bound to antagonise, it was a cheap shot. But Robinson didn't bite, he knows what he wants and he wants 'lunch' (several EDL follows did bite, and they kept chewing for several hours - we need a whole other article to wade through that lot - some called us names while contradicting themselves, and a few even engaged in a worthwhile debate. It was the angry, nonsensical ones that carried on the longest though!!)

Robinson, as we said, just wanted lunch.....

Robinson Halves


















So, we want to meet him half way. We want a comment but can't afford to fork out for an expensive meal just to get a prominent political figure to share his thoughts. Seems reasonable right? Apparently not...

The foody demands kept coming...

Robinson Gotta Eat













The man has a point, he does have to eat. But with so little input to the debate we are reluctant to consider giving him a meal ticket. He then goes quiet for a bit.

We had lost him, our chance to get an insight into one of the UK's most controversial figures - GONE! We made one last attempt to get him involved - he must want to share his thoughts, he has made a career off his opinions after all.

Robinson eats at Westfield
























And that was it, Tommy was gone. Realising no food was coming his way from us he must have moved on to search elsewhere. If only we were more like Newsnight.

So what did we learn from our brief parlance with the leader of English Defence League? Tommy Robinson likes a curry, likes people to buy him expensive lunches and 'lunch' is more important to him than having his say.

All we know is that if the Oxford Union are to get him to speak, they better put on a nice spread!!!


Joking aside. In the middle of the taunts, contradictions, abuse and playing the victim of a number of EDL supporters a few of them did engage in a discussion about what they think. One of those was Simon Wilson (@patriotism71) who explained his "reasons" for supporting the EDL:

Simon Wilson

























Simon Wilson

































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