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Romneyshambles Vs. Obamanomics: What will lose the U.S. presidential election?

17th September 2012

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The 57th U.S. presidential election race is entering the final straight. What is most interesting is that the race will probably be lost through a candidate’s weakness, rather than ones strengths.

Obama vs. Romney

Republican candidate Mitt Romney could lose the election through poor public appearance, a catalogue of PR errors and a number of political gaffes, as it seems he doesn’t understand the majority of Americans he is trying to appeal to.

In the Democrat’s corner incumbent Mr. Obama hasn't handled the economy very well at all, which may cause voters to think twice before re-electing him.

The question is, what will lose the election: Romney’s public shambles or Obama’s stance on economics?

Romney’s main problem is that he doesn’t seem to realise that it’s the vote of the average Joe that will win the election, not the support of corporate America, and he’s making it very hard for the average worker to relate to him.

In speeches he’s caught bragging that his wife “drives a couple of Cadillacs”, and during Republican candidate debates he coolly and nonchalantly places $10,000 bets with fellow candidates over a simple disagreement on health care.

This sums up Romney’s problem; he doesn’t seem to think about how what he says will be viewed. In reply to a heckler at one of his speeches Romney proclaimed, “corporations are people too.”

If he continues to embarrass himself and stick to his position of not being “concerned by the very poor” Romney could lose this election for appearing out of touch with voters.

These sorts of comments could be ignored under circumstances, after all its no secret that one has to be considerably well off even to run for presidential candidacy, but when the average person is suffering the financial difficulties they are and unemployment stands at over 8% of the work force Romney openly swaggering about his wealth is almost unforgivable, and it could lose him the election.

In terms of policies Romney’s handling of the economy will be to become a friendly face to big businesses, he will strip back regulations in the hope corporations will put more money into the country and boost it out of its slump.

This tactic is a sure fire way to increase the wealth gap, however it might not be such a terrible idea in the larger scheme of things, after all Obama has attempted to impose his form of Keynesian economics on America with little success, maybe the all singing, all dancing world centre of capitalism needs unrestricted capitalism in all its extremities to save it from its recent economic frailties and Mr. Romney seems to appreciate this.

So in political terms Romney has a good chance in the election. Even if they feel he’s out of touch, average Americans like his idea of a less intrusive government and his economic policy, whilst unfair, is likely to be more successful than Obama’s approach.

The appointment of Paul Ryan as Vice-presidential candidate has also gone down well with voters and the party alike, as the radical Tea Party movement have an ally in a strong position thanks to Mr. Ryan, and Romney just needs to make sure he avoids anymore public gaffes and he will make it a close race.

What of Mr. Obama though? The incumbent has had a mixed bag whilst in office; overall it has been a tough four years, there have been many vote saving moments though. The killing of Osama Bin Laden is one massive example of this, as are reforms to both the health system and government efficiency.

It has been a terrible term for Obama's approach to the economy though, with the President attempting to impose a more leftist and Keynesian approach to the economy, which is quite a radical move in a country that still sees the term Socialist as the greatest political epithet.

When it comes to Obama’s view on corporations it becomes clear just how opposed the two main candidates for the presidency are. Obama has put many regulations on businesses this term, and has also set up incentives such as tax breaks for businesses that offer all employees full health benefits.

The American electorate may like the fact that Obama is trying to hold corporations to account; they may see him as the President that will fight for the little guy, which could win him votes.

This might be a nice thought, but it is also the problem with Obama’s time in power, he has stepped in the way of ‘trickle down’ economics, an idea that promotes businesses to keep the bulk of their profits for them to re-spend, thus allowing the wealth to trickle down to the public at large and whilst this might promote equality it doesn't seem to be a working economic model for America.

Obama does seem to be trying to create a more equal and fair America through the economy, however it has had an adverse affect on the financial position of the country, and if he is to be trusted over economics by the public he may need to reel in his attacks on big business and learn something from his opponent about stepping back and letting the private sector boost the economy, especially in the country that serves as the living embodiment of capitalism.

Obama may have overseen the first ever downgrading of America’s credit rating but he has had some popular economic policies, especially amongst those who are not doing so well finanacially, one example of such policies is increasing tax for higher income families, which middle America saw as a step towards sharing the cost of the financial difficulties in the country.

The American public might know Obama’s track record with the economy is poor but they may well find it hard to concede the fact that giving the corporations they have lost trust in more power and a more unrestricted reign might help the economy, and if that does happen Obama will pick up votes, as he appears to be opposed to big businesses running unchecked and unregulated, a position that will probably make the average Joe relate to him, far more than they can relate to his main opponent.

All in all the election will come down to the swing states, as it always does, and early indications show the majority of them are Romney's to lose and with the global media spotlight on him it will be interesting if he makes it through to the election unscathed. All the while it will be interesting to see if Obama can make it through the secondaries with the voters trust over the economy.

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