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What People Believe: Raelism


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RaelismRaelism was founded by French born Claude Vorilhon, now known as Rael, who since founding Raelism has written many books on its teachings, such as Extraterrestrials Took me to Their Planet (1975) and more recently 2001's Yes to Human Cloning.

Vorihlon founded Raelism when he discovered a spacecraft inside Puy De Lassolas volcano in Auvergne. There he encountered a humanoid extra terrestrial named Yahweh of the Elohim. Yahweh told him that his people tore apart the sky, built the continents and used Solar Astronomy and genetic engineering to adapt life to Earth's thermal and chemical makeup.

What do they Believe?

The central belief is that human life was created by extra terrestrial beings collectively called the Elohim. The Elohim is a Biblical term to mean "those who came from the sky".

Raelism derives from the belief that these Elohim, when they came into contact with the human life they contacted, were mistaken for Angels, or extraordinary beings who taught significant wisdom to the human race. For example, extraordinary teachers, such as the Buddha, the Son of God, Christ, and Prophets such as Mohammed are all believed to have been Elohim sent out to inform people in different eras of life.

The founder of Raelism was Claude Vorilhon, who having founded the religion in 1974, received the final message of peace. The end envisioned is that once human beings obtain perfect peace, they will join their creators.

Because Raelism rejects the Abrahamic God and Other God like figures in religious history in favour of the belief that this is contact with the Elohim, they disbelieve in Evolution. Raelists believe that Elohim created all life on Earth 25,000 years ago. The Elohim were created by another race, and humans will one day create life on other planets

Raelism is regarded as a Liberal religious movement strongly opposed to the Catholic Church. They support homosexuality and bisexuality. Maitreya, a work by Claude Vorilhon, expresses that love involves experiencing different varieties and possibilities that allow one to break habits in order to achieve human happiness, and achieve the ultimate goal pf peace, so humans can join their creators.

What do they do?

Raelism founded Valiant Venture Ltd Corporation in 1997 (now Clonaid), to research human cloning.

Raelism does not believe in an afterlife, but pursues scientific enquiry into cloning. Raëlians seek to both genetically clone individuals and then transfer the mind and personality of the donor into the clone. Raelism teaches that through genetic, and not just physical scientific cloning of humans, the human race can survive for eternity and achieve immortality.

Vorilhon likens the laws against cloning of this kind as the same as banning blood transfusions and other life saving medical practices.

Weird Facts

  1. Vorilhon expressed an interest in cloning Hitler and others who committed suicide such as terrorists, for war trials and retroactive punishment.
  2. In 2002, Brigitte Boisselier chief executive of Clonaid, claimed that a human baby was conceived through cloning technology. Around this time, Clonaid's subsidiary BioFusion Tech claimed to have in possession a cell fusion device that assisted the cloning of human embryos.
  3. Raelism explains the writing of the Genesis in scientific terms. The Garden of Eden story is believed to be a synthetic laboratory; Noah's Ark was a spaceship that preserved DNA that was used to resurrect animals through cloning.
  4. Raelists believe that women should be allowed to go topless in public in the same way that men are without breeching indecent exposure laws.
  5. In July 2001, the Vicar of Geneva sued the Raelians Church for Libel, after protesters took , to the streets of Italy and Switzerland, handing out  in protest to over a hundred  alleged child molesters in existence among Roman Catholic clergy in France. The case was lost, as the judge did not accept the charges for the reason that the Raelians were not attacking the whole of the Catholic

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