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Big, medium or small - a size for all


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With 30 million condoms used around the world each day, you’d think that Johnny manufacturers would have fit and comfort as a top priority. Wrong, suggests a man looking to pioneer a ‘revolution’ in sexual comfort.
Joe Nelson

“The condom is unique in being simultaneously one of the world’s most popular medical devices and yet also one of the most reviled. They get used 30 million times a day yet few men sing their praises. What a bizarre situation. But if a condom doesn’t fit you comfortably then frankly you’re torn between having good unsafe sex or bad safe sex – and most men will choose the former. I have come along - I don’t care what size you are, big small or even in the middle – I can give you this product that is blow your mind life changing. That is why they are calling me.”

And they are “calling” Joe Nelson because his company TheyFit offers 95 different sizes of condom to fit every man no matter what size they happen to be in the trouser department. But there has to be a problem? Which man wants to announce his measurement to the world? Nelson says that with their unique coding structure the system does not focus on size. How do they do it? With a simple downloadable ‘FitKit’ to tell you which of the sizes you are using a random alphanumeric code like B17 or S11, avoiding the usual small, medium and large labels.

In return you get a perfectly fitted condom  – essentially it’s just like “fitting shoes but a little ruder”, says Nelson, who swapped a banking job at Goldman Sachs to dip his hands into the sex business.

“The idea itself is very simple, very straight forward. We all have different size feet so we all wear different size shoes,” he says. “We take what is a breathtakingly obvious idea and apply it to condoms where arguably comfort is the most important.

The launch came after Nelson opened an interesting email about custom made condoms – from then on the idea blossomed, and it was given the green light in December of last year.

“It went wild. The idea went viral, on TV and from the first order it snowballed. It took us 72 hours to sell every one of the 95 sizes, every width and length had sold at least once.”

“What was really interesting was how quickly we got to that milestone within three days. It just blew me away. People were immediately buying and sharing their very personal information with us, society is obsessed.”

Nelson claims that the biggest problem with condoms today is non-use, and claims TheyFit can tackle that problem with fitted condoms. Recently to help, celebrities like JLS – who produced their own range of condoms with their faces on – and designer Louis Vuitton launched a designed condom to help kick out the problem.

A study in 1998 found five major factors behind men’s reluctance to use a condom, it was that the condom was too loose and in 2010 another study reported 45% of men complained the condom did not fit.

But as the world’s very first custom-fitted condom company, TheyFit are looking to change the market, whilst not emptying your wallet – a pack of six costs £7. TheyFit have sold to 18 of the 27 European countries the French, Italians and even the Dutch have gone wild for Nelson’s “revolution” of a product.

He says: “Everyone thinks I’m crazy but if you go back just 100 years, before condoms were made of latex, they were made from animal intestines. Pretty icky stuff, they chemically treated them and had a little pink ribbon to tie them in place with - but guess what they would do? Custom fit it to you, the individual. So for the best part of 600 years they had been custom fitted - then the guys come in with the latex revolution and a one-size-fits-all approach, turning the whole system on its head.”

The condom range took a while to launch he compares condoms to a heart valve in that they are regulated medical devices. The company successfully got the CE mark needed to prove the penile pouch worked properly.

Placing your trust in his products, Nelson promises you the “best sex and the best time ever using a condom”.

TheyFit was the most terrifying thing he has done but believes leaving the banking world was the right decision to make after such positive feedback.

TheyFit“People have started calling me, texting me and the media have pushed this big thing of ‘Joe Nelson condom revolution’. People started to thank me for making a condom for their particular size so good. I’m the one most surprised at that, I know they’re good but are they really that good?”

“Then it hit me. If you’re a guy that is big, like you have an arm between your legs, all your life you had to suffer with a condom that is much too small, so it’s really tight like putting an elastic band around your wrist. Not pleasant. You are torn then between unsafe sex because you can’t find a condom that fits you or having safe sex but being ruined because the condom is so bad,” he says.

He says it is the same if you’re smaller than average and having to live with a condom that “falls off” but coming along and not caring about size he has given them this product that is “blow your mind life changing”.

Nelson believes passionately in his fitted-condom-revolution and insists he would even add a 96th size if it come to it.

He says: “If a guy comes to me and says ‘you don’t do my size’, I’ll say we do 95 and you can’t find one for you. I have always said I will make size 96, 97 or 98. This hasn’t happened yet. It would be like a combination of length and width that was so unique that the guy should have a prize.”

TheyFit are kindly offering a 20% discount from your first purchase of condoms to TNS readers.

Head over to and on purchase insert the code TNS for an exclusive discount.

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