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A Ticket to the TV, Courtesy of the Royals


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It started with a handful of chatting students, crowding around a relatively small screen and sipping morning tea. By eleven o’ clock people had settled to standing on the second floor and hugging the banisters of the steps for a better view; couches had been dragged forwards; all chairs were occupied; and a lucky few snuck in at the front. Yes, Warwick Student Union had its share of Britain’s own fairytale wedding, and it came in the form of tea and scones, offered by the perfectly posh Curiositea, and a (not so) giant TV. Watching the Royal Wedding in the SU

Once seats were claimed and the proceedings seemed more interesting, some collective ‘shh-ing’ preceded attentive eyes which would, for at least the next hour, become glued to the screens.

Despite exams and essay deadlines looming, no seat was abandoned as students laughed at the seemingly awkward moments and ‘aww-ed’ at others. Bewildered faces were certainly in existence, but those in awe were rife.  

In other areas on campus groups celebrated the day with drinking games; some reportedly even enjoyed their own small parties; others travelled home to watch the historical event with families, while up at down the UK partying took to the streets.

Whatever way it was spent, Friday 29th April was one day which was not to be missed.

Even for those determined to do otherwise, there is of course nothing better than a guilt-free ticket to spend a day watching TV.

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