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News Juice - 25/02/2011


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Drama, drama, drama! You may have noticed that the middle east is having a bit of turmoil at the moment with the Libyan people becoming the latest to collectively shout ‘Oi, NO!’ at their leader.

Apparently all that murder, corruption and suppression has got their backs up. Not to be left out of the Gaddafi-bashing (a pastime so popular this week that apparently the Olympic committee is considering adding it to the 2012 agenda), students at LSE went and sat in a room to show their disgust at their university taking money from the Libyan dictator’s regime.
The fact that this money was received in 2009 and it has taken student activists until the very week Gaddafi is all over the news for being really bloody awful is nothing but a coincidence!

Aaron PoretThis week our very own studenty leader-type, Aaron Porter, announced that he will not be re-standing in the election for a new NUS head-honcho. Porter’s address to his members via email truly outlined how great and “momentous” his time in office has been.
“Our response to the Government's austerity measures will go down in the history books. We’ve kick started a wave of student action, brought the coalition to its knees, and we’ve shaped the public debate on education in an unprecedented fashion. This campaign began over 3 years ago- a long-term strategy to deliver a real alternative to a market in fees, and it’s a campaign I have been heavily involved in from the very beginning as a student officer in Leicester, as Vice President (Higher Education) and then as NUS President,” began the leader in his end-of-an-era address.
The historic student action of which he speaks was so effective that the Government backed down and Imperial College didn’t become the first university to formally announce they will be charging £9,000 a year in fees

Elsewhere, the Daily Mail did a very good job of missing the point (or creating an entirely new one) and using a satirical article published in The Paper at Queen Mary College, University of London about shoplifting to have a right old go at pesky ‘student activists’. Not only was the obviously satirical piece “funded by the taxpayer” thus taking money off hard-working, British folk but the article will also put retailers out of business. Who knew 9,000 leaflets handed out at a college could have such a profound effect on society!
After reading this we were as angry as ‘Country Bumpkin’ on the Mail comment boards, who shouted, “AND THEY WANT US TO PAY for their education!????? Student activists these days appear to be more like thugs. As an aged taxpayer I resent having to scrimp and scrape so that these purportedly intelligent young can spend their days dreaming up ways and using their time to being 'anarchists' and criminals. (They also sound like a chip of f Brown's block and If this is what a good education does for them, let's stop it right now. If they want to study let them do so completely at their own expense, now. As for retailers saying it costs them. No it doesn't since they pass the cost of shoplifting on to every consumer whether young, old or indifferent, low income or high income. I am fed up with reading every single darned day about nasty, nasty people, doing nasty, nasty things either to other people or society in general.”

Elsewhere Varsity reported on Bullingdon Club member Nick Green being arrested for assaulting a fellow student outside a nightclub. Although the piece does not outline the nature of the assault with the notorious club's links to the Conservative party we would assume that they have a fondness for cutting.

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