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Future of Journalism

22nd February 2011

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 While we can sometimes be too busy to even finish reading a newspaper or magazine piece; photographs represent a story with no words. The only content to them is what you as an individual conjure up in your mind.

Working today at one of London’s smallest, yet inspiring galleries, my views on photojournalism have grown for the better, recognising even more the importance in today’s world. Host gallery displays the work of photographers who have a picture story to tell.

The perfect white gallery works well in contrast to the photographs on display.

Host gallery, located just off Old Street is a venue dedicated to promoting photojournalism. Currently on display is an exhibition by Christian Lutz, titled ‘Tropical Gift’ The photo story shows visually the increased poverty caused by the wealthier buying oil in Nigeria.

An employee of a French oil company said: “Nigeria is a horrible country – only business is fantastic.” Everybody wants a piece of it. The oil industry in Nigeria has brought about indescribable wealth to some but this wealth obtained has done nothing to ease the surrounding poverty.

The use of aesthetics is effective in its purpose, provoking the viewer to find out more to the story. As you walk around the silent gallery the photographs inspire and engage you into thinking deeper about the context, background and into the mind of the photographer.

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