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View From The Crew - The Safer Sex Circus & I Love College

8th February 2011

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I <3 CollegeAs a member of the SUSU events team, I Love College had become associated with the term ‘easy money’ to me by the end of the 2010 calendar year. Attendances had been depleting on a weekly basis as semester one slowly blurred into the Christmas holidays. Putting out decorations, draping the lower bar and setting The Cube (the multi-purpose epicentre of the union) to club-mode repeatedly seemed in vein in comparison to the dwindling interest from the union. This was in no doubt a direct reaction to the Wednesday night club’s growing reputation as the union’s smallest night out.

The Athletic Union run event had become dwarfed by its elder brother Twisted; the big Friday night out which refreshes its appearance every week with a new ‘twist’, hefty poster campaigns and incessant brand management from the persistent Shane Murphy. The over-capacity nature of The Cube on the night Twisted hosted Ted from Scrubs for a Children in Need special seemed like a nail in the coffin of I Love College as staff went home for Christmas taking bets on how long it would take the AU’s sorrowful night to be cancelled, shipped out and rebranded as something else.

These fears were multiplied when the new semester began with a Facebook advertising campaign for a new I Love College brand manager, the unwanted loss of beer pong tables and the fact that the event disappeared throughout all of January as Twisted struggled through the lonely exam period solo. However, Teddy Wilkes, loveable AU president was obviously unwilling to see his invention flounder further into embarrassment when flashy posters for The Safer Sex Circus appeared around campus, a special return for the club night which seemed to be on its last legs. The night was a huge success comparatively to its previous turnouts and shone into prominence in the wake of an abysmal Orange Man night run the Saturday before, which finished early due to an entirely empty dance-floor by One AM. Compromises were made, extra staging erected in the cube, new beer pong tables fashioned from union cast offs and Teddy’s true inspiration was in the perfect pitch of the circus theme; a snake-wielding female performer mingled with and wowed the large crowd and the Uni’s Streetdance society put on a performance which none of the males in the packed Cube will be forgetting. The only way is up for I Love College after their realisation that sex sells, or is it circuses?

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