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A new life in Birmingham

18th October 2010

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The day I migrate from London to a city called Birmingham. Sitting in the backseat of our ten year old ford galaxy, which quite frankly struggled to get my whole family there, I sit and wonder if deciding to attend a university in Birmingham was actually the right choice. In fact I panicked.

We arrive and I am greeted by a fellow flat mate who was carefully opening a tin of tuna wearing latex gloves because he "can't stand the oil on his hands" and another scrubbing the kitchen surface because she has an obsessive compulsive disorder to clean every day thank God! There are seven of us in our flat and I couldn't be happier to share with them; they are hilarious, generous and clean not your average students, right?

For Birmingham City's Fresher's week we had enough events lined up to potentially give us liver damage, heart failure and of course the fresher's flu which everyone caught in abundance. One night I will never forget, organised by the student union, was the "aloha welcome party" the theme, as you have probably guessed already was Hawaiian they even gave us those flowery necklace things to put around our necks, they were rather annoying and itchy to wear though. There were massive inflatable bananas, beach balls and palm trees being chucked about and after one too many drinks you can only imagine how aggressively the thousands of students began to punch these inflatables about. A beach ball came heading my way and somehow managed to knock my right contact lens out my eye great! However, I was enjoying myself too much to even care that I was half blind for the rest of the night.

The Fresher's Fair was a great success and took place in two different buildings because there was so much going on. There was a massive BBQ and all the early bird students got a free burger perfect for the pound saving students, and free drinks too non-alcoholic unfortunately. The amount of societies to join was unbelievable. There was even a charity organisation that recruited student volunteers to raise money, with their help, and go to Africa to do charity work there an amazing and humbling experience for anyone.

I'm studying Media and Communication Journalism which is a fantastic course and is split into modules of our choice; I picked Journalism in Practice and Visual Design which is hard work but very rewarding. I successfully presented my directed study task in my Visual Design class and was commended by my tutor which I thought was a personal achievement as I'd rather not stand in front of thirty strangers and attempt to praise my own work. The media school within Birmingham City University has been accredited Skillset Media Academy and has strong links with huge companies such as the BBC and Sky. I am extremely happy and proud to be a part of this University.

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