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Do 'period-proof' pants actually work?


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Periods are a taboo subject, despite the fact that half of the population has them – they’re still hushed up. A dirty little secret, exchanging tampons becomes an extreme exercise mirroring that of a top-secret drug-deal, and then there’s the coughing loudly in the toilets so that no one can hear you rustling in your bag for a sanitary towel. P E R I O D is a word whispered by women to each other, the word mouthed instead of spoken out loud.  


What could be harder to speak about than periods? *Gasp* Period pants. Yep. Period pants. We’re not talking about your tatty old cartoon printed underwear with a waistband that has long lost its elasticity. We’re talking about the new generation of period pants, the ones that stop the need for any other sanitary products. They allegedly allow you to bleed freely without any need for plastic down there… but do they actually work?

 Image courtesy of FLUX Undies

These special pants have been doing the rounds for a while, there’s a multitude of different brands and styles and it can take a while to find the right pair to fit with your particular flow. For example, if you’re one of the lucky ones, and your periods are light and breezy then a thin brief or even a thong could work for you. If your flow is heavier and more unpredictable then a bigger pair is better.


Flux Undies are a great period-proof underwear brand – we’ve chatted to the founder Paige Fashoni before on The National Student, and she kindly sent me a pair to test out.


I chose the Boyshort (which retail for £27.95) - they’re one of the bigger styles that they offer, and I wanted something I would feel safe in. When they arrived, I was pleasantly surprised - they were much less Bridget Jones than I had imagined. In my mind, they were these huge nappy-style pants that would be terrifyingly easy to identify through clothing – but that couldn’t have been less of the case.

The FLUX Boyshort, £27.95 // Image courtesy of FLUX 

They were slim fitting, comfortable and the built-in pad in the crotch wasn’t bulky at all. It was no worse than wearing a pad, and because they are black it’s actually even less obvious. I tried them with jeans and you definitely couldn’t see that I was wearing period-proof pants. I wanted to put them through their paces, so my first wear was overnight – I was apprehensive to say the least, but on their website, they claim to hold four tampons worth of blood, which is more than enough, so I pulled them on and went to bed.


What I woke up to in the morning blew my mind. No blood. I repeat no blood. Anywhere. They’d done their job. I’d felt secure all night, and bonus – I wasn’t at risk to TSS and I wasn’t contributing to the horrendous amount of sanitary waste in the world’s oceans. 


In terms of cleaning, they come with instructions – and because of the way they are made (with natural anti-bacterial fibres), there’s no nasty smell either. Just wash them and they’re good to go again. The one downside is that to last your whole period you’d need to buy a few pairs of pants, depending on how long yours lasts. 


I am now well and truly a plastic-free period convert! 

Lead image courtesy of FLUX Undies

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