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10 students tell us how they find balance amongst the madness of uni life


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University can be a stressful place, and not just because of the never-ending essays and deadlines.

Student-age male finds balance via cereal 

That we’re all going stir crazy in the library might be the student stereotype, but of course, in reality, there’s a whole lot more than just essay deadlines going on.

Aside from chasing that elusive 2:1 (or first, if you’re really on top of things), we also need to keep fit (healthy body = healthy mind), spend time building our careers with internships and work experience (hello, future CV), and making sure we’re putting our all into whichever societies we’ve decided to commit to (because there’s not much worse than being dubbed the flake of the exec committee).

There’s also the pressure to invest in our friends and relationships, and to make sure these years are, in fact, the best of our lives - something that’s drummed into us relentlessly in the run-up to starting uni.

Oh yeah, and we also need some actual downtime if we’re going to stay relatively sane through all this.

With the pressure to balance all of the above, making the most of our uni experience whilst also achieving what we need to, staying healthy can seem nigh-on impossible.

In such a demanding environment, it’s essential that we find something that can keep us calm and help restore some balance to our otherwise hectic lives - and that often starts with small adaptations to our routine.

We asked students how they find balance and keep themselves healthy in the hectic whirlwind of uni life…

1. Rebecca G:

“Learning to cook beyond the basics. When I’m stressed but I know I’ve got a healthy Italian or Korean dish to cook for dinner, it motivates me to get my head out of studying and back to reality.”


2. Bethany J:

“Volunteering allowed me to form quality friendships and get involved with some really productive projects, both of which improved my mental health.”

3. Lucy N: 

"I track my steps every day - it makes me aware of how many calories I'm burning, whilst also making sure I'm not too hard on myself if I'm having a hectic week and failing to make it to the gym. 10,000 per day is actually not that difficult!" 

4. Ana G:

“EAT. And don't feel bad about it.”

5. Nathalie S:

“I find running regularly helps me focus my energy into something positive and healthy while taking time off my studies.”


6. Nazira A:

“Do a little bit of dancing”


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7. Louisa P:

“Stretch out with half an hour of relaxing yoga”


8. Matilda D:

“I lie down on my bed and look at the ceiling. Concentrate on breathing deeply - six seconds in, six seconds out. It's calming and it really works!”


9. Katy F:

“Bake cake. Eat cake. Sleep. Repeat.”


10. Misha P:

"Remember that carbs are not the enemy, and that you're actually supposed to eat more of them than any other food group. Pasta is your friend." 



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