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How to avoid the dreaded Freshers' Flu


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Freshers' flu is almost inevitable. However, if you want to stand chance at avoiding it, follow our easy steps below. 

1. Don't drink too much alcohol

While there is the temptation to spend the whole of Freshers drunk, it's important to resist it. Your immune system will definitely thank you and most importantly you'll remember your experience far better. I'm by no means saying don't drink at all, in fact quite the opposite; enjoy yourself, let your hair down and have a drink. Just maybe don't start at 10 am before you've even had a chance to sober up from the night before! Be sober to go to your welcome lectures, go to Freshers' fayres and make friends - your liver will thank you.

2. Look after yourself

The transition to living on your own can be a difficult one. And you will probably want to spend your time talking to people and making friends instead of cooking. However, you should make sure you still eat a balanced diet - getting your 5-a-day and all of the things you've overlooked up until now. To uphold a good immune system you need to eat as healthily as you can, preferably at regular hours.

3. Don't tire yourself out

Freshers can be the busiest week of your life. Welcome lectures at 10 am, Freshers' fayres at 11 am, quizzes at 4 pm, pre-drinks at 8 pm and nights out at 11 pm! It's very easy to overdo it, sign yourself up to too much and realise you have to be in two places at once. So prioritise (not completely disregarding lectures), plan your time and use it wisely - all while enjoying yourself of course!

4. Sleep

With such a busy schedule, so many people to meet and so many things to do, you may forget to sleep. This can ruin freshers as exhaustion makes it difficult to enjoy events and increases the chances of getting ill. Even if the recommended 8 hours of sleep may seem far-fetched, try and get at least some. You will thank yourself when you're not completely drained in the second week and are able to enjoy even more of your time - while not being in a vegetative state!

5. Accept that you might get ill

At the end of the day, Freshers' flu may be unavoidable. You're mixing with so many new people, from all over the country, perhaps even the world. This means there are hundreds of new viruses and bugs to which you've never been exposed just waiting to infect you. If it happens, accept it! Ensure you take lots of cold and flu tablets, keep eating healthily, get lots of sleep, go to the doctors if you need and, most importantly, look after yourself. It will pass eventually - though it might feel like a lifetime by the end!

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