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This fitness blogger shows weight really is just a number by sharing photos of her dramatic transformation


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For most of us, our scales are the ultimate guide that show whether we have lost weight or not.

But one woman is on a mission to prove that the digits you see on your scales every time you weigh yourself are only mere numbers.

Adrienne Osun shared before and after photos of her dramatic transformation on Instagram and although her body looks radically different in the ‘after’ photo, Adrienne says she only lost two pounds.

“If I could go back in time and tell myself something (and if I could tell you something)… it would be to STOP,” she wrote on her Instagram page. “Stop the dieting/bingeing cycle. Get your booty to the gym and lift some heavy things.”

Following a fitness regime that included weightlifting and intermittent fasting, the mother-of-four dropped several dress sizes, without losing much weight.

The secret, she says, lies in body recomposition.

As muscle is denser than fat it can often weigh more but, at the same time, take up less space in your body.

Which is why sometimes people gain weight but lose body mass when they start exercising.

Using herself as an example, Adrienne told those who are aspiring to be fitter and healthier not to be discouraged if the scale don’t budge.

“It’s not all or nothing,” she wrote in her blog. “If you miss one day, go the next. If your diet isn’t perfect that’s OK, keep going.

“Don’t obsess over the scale. You are focusing on your body building muscle and losing fat. The scale may not change!”

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