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National Stress Awareness Day: 10 students tell us how they deal with stress at university


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It’s National Stress Awareness Day - so we spoke to students across the UK on how they reduce their stress levels. Here’s what they said…

1. Becky, University of Lincoln

"Make sure you make time for sleep, so make a deal with yourself that you'll go to bed no later than 11 every night. And give yourself a treat - if you do loads of work, maybe promise yourself a meal out or something just so you can have time to enjoy yourself."

2. Adrian, University of Bangor

"I’d have a quiet night in - just avoid human contact for a little bit, put on a film and light a candle."

3. Beth, Nottingham Trent

"I try to keep my room as nice as possible because it makes you so much more motivated to sort stuff out when your rooms organised. Tidy room means tidy mind."

4. Amie, University of Edinburgh

"I like to exercise when I’m stressed. So I’ll go to the gym, drink lots of water and will eat something healthy." 

5. Danyal, University of Lincoln

"I play FIFA and my PlayStation when I need some time to just chill, or I cook a really delicious meal, like a curry from scratch or something, just to take my mind off assignments."

6. Lee, Leeds Trinity

"My deadlines seem to come at the same time so I make different deadlines for myself in the weeks before so I can focus on one thing at a time. I always find lecturers really helpful - I’m always popping to get advice."

7. Steph, University of Edinburgh

"I like to put on my comfies, watch Netflix, have a cup of tea and eat lots of food!"

8. Jarrad, University of Lincoln

"The best trick for me is always home. Call a friend or your parents for a chat. It could be about anything and everything. And if you're lucky enough to come from close to uni then go home for a night or a weekend. You come back feeling so refreshed."

9. Jack, Sheffield Hallam

"Friends help a lot with stress and you always have someone there to talk to at university. At the same time you’ve got to deal with it on your own - university is a brilliant experience, so you need to take a two-footed jump into the darkness sometimes." 

10. Georgia, University of Lincoln

"I like to start the day by going out to my favourite café or having a walk around a nice park, so then when I get home and have to work, I feel like I’ve still had some time to focus on myself during the day."

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