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17 things students do to actually wake themselves up in the morning

14th October 2016
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We asked a bunch of National Student writers and readers what they do to get themselves up, out of the door and in their lectures by 9am.

We advise that you take some of them on board, starting tomorrow.

Lucy N...


Lauren T: “I ALWAYS wake myself up with a HIIT session. No other way to get the blood pumping at 7am!”

Sofia: “My existentially crippling FOMO.”




Hollie: “Knowing that I can watch Netflix with my breakfast.”

George: “Am I being paid for a job that I need to be at in an hour? I. Am. Up!”

Anneka: “Shia LaBeouf is the best motivational alarm ringtone you could ever ask for.” 


Lauren P: “By making my alarm a song with a strong intro I almost scare myself awake... but end up singing along.”



Lucy F: “The new "bedtime" setting on iOS 10 is really nice. The alarm doesn't startle you, it just wakes you up gently.”

Izzy: “The light of my phone screen is harsh and wakes me up like a trick.”



Ria: “Immediately check my email/messages - I feel guilty if I then leave them to snooze.”

Laura: “Coffee.”



Stefan: “The fear of being shouted at by my PT.”

Sophie: “Setting 'Play That Funky Music' by Wild Cherry as my alarm.”

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