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5 reasons why you should eat chips more


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Get with the programme people, carbs WON'T make you fat!

I follow (and swear by) a high carb, plant based lifestyle. I've never felt better, more energetic, athletic and most importantly, body confident - aka. that feeling we all strive for!

Whilst chatting to my lovely standard diet munchers it becomes obvious to me that the various fad diets they follow preach some weird messages… if I don’t say so myself.

Restricting calories to a dangerous level to banning ‘evil’ avocados and anything white, including potatoes! Yes that’s right, only the number one grown vegetable crop in the world that’s packed full of nourishing vitamins.

I’m not about to tell you that you can get away with a trip down the chippie every other night and benefit from the nutrients in all that oil and deep fried goodness - sorry, life just isn’t that fair.

However, your good ol’ fashion oven chip has come to the rescue with its crispy skin and fluffy insides. Here are just a few reasons you should incorporate potatoes into your diet.

1. Vitamin powerhouse

Potatoes pack a very sneaky punch. Often thought of as a naughty comfort food when mashed, baked or roasted the traditional spud holds an array of vitamins and minerals for your health.

Don’t go adding any butter or oil, simply oven cook your super vegetable on a wire rack or baking sheet with nothing else to receive a nutritional dose of vitamin B6, B3, vitamin C plus a generous boost of potassium, copper, manganese and dietary fibre! Who’s laughing now Atkins?

2. Fuel for the day

Potatoes are a low calorie and low fat form of carbs that can provide you with the energy you need to work that beautiful body of yours! It’s a well-known fact that our bodies run from the energy we feed it and it works darn hard to convert all this goodness to glucose that help us to run properly. The high starch content in potatoes is digested easily by our bodies and delivered right to your cells in the form of glucose. So next time skip the chocolate bar that will cause you to crash after consumption and help yourself to some yummy homemade potato fries instead!

3. 0% fat

A potato may taste all starchy and naughty but they are actually 70-80% water so will keep you full, hydrated and energised with little to no fat included. Just make sure you keep on the skins and cook them with nothing added for a delicious, low fat dinner.

4. Eat the skin for good skin

Keeping the skin on the potatoes whilst cooking them is so important for keeping in all those vitamins and minerals I raved about earlier, including vitamin C. A simple spud could help to reduce inflammation, prevent damage caused by the sun and pollution PLUS promote collagen which helps to reduce wrinkles! Why wouldn’t you dig in to a plate full of low fat carbs to benefit from all this?

5. Possibly the cheapest superfood

Goji berries, quinoa, kale, spirulina... the list of so-called superfoods goes on, and the marketing world has truly cracked the formula to bagging millions through our quest for optimum health and beauty. Well guess what? It only had to cost you as little as 45p for a shot of 0% fat, vitamin and mineral packed energy without the price tag or questionable taste. You’re welcome…

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