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5 genuinely useful tips for staying healthy as a student


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Critics of our ever-increasingly technology-driven world worry young people are losing interest in living an active, less plugged-in lifestyle. However, social media like Instagram has provided young people interested in health and fitness an outlet for sharing tips and tricks for staying active, fit and healthy outside of technology.

Multipower Ambassador Lucy Plenderleith is one source of inspiration for physically active social media users, best known for her Instagram presence at @Gains4Girls. Plenderleith has provided tips for making the most of our time and meals to be healthier and happier while also staying focused on studies and whatever else life throws at us:

1) Plan your time efficiently. This means planning workouts, planning meals and writing lists for just about everything. Check tasks off and set alerts on your phone - it's time to get organised.

2) Don't look at working out as an optional part of your day. Just do it! Even ten or fifteen minutes of activity is better than nothing, and it's pretty hard to argue that you can't squeeze that much time into your daily routine. If you can make time to watch Netflix before bed, you can make time to do a few squats as well.

3) Find a gym buddy. Feeling extroverted? You're in luck. Working out with a partner gives you someone to motivate you, spot you during more physically challenging exercises and chat with between sets. Plus it makes you more accountable for your workout routine.

4) The 80/20 lifestyle. Make a habit of eating cleanly and working out, but don't let living a healthy lifestyle dictate your social life. If you can be healthy 80% of the time, you're doing just fine. Eat your kale, but go ahead and enjoy a night out with your friends afterwards.

5) Use social media. Doesn't sound too difficult for our technology-savvy generation. Follow workout superstars as well as other students with similar interests. Get fitness routine inspiration and healthy meal ideas, and share your own as well - before you know it, you may be the one inspiring others.

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