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Why should you start pole dancing today?

9th March 2015

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It’s such a misconception that pole dancing is reserved for the dark depths of sleazy strip clubs and decadent sex dungeons. Historically it might have ties to the exotic dance industry, but in today’s unashamed society, taking to the pole is daring and fierce, and not just for the bad girls anymore. 

It would take a lifetime to list the thousands of benefits pole dancing has to offer, so here are just THREE reasons why you should sign up for classes and take to the pole today: 

1. For strength and fitness – although it might look elegant and sexy, pole dancing is great for helping you tone up and gain strength through intense core and resistance training.  It’s such a phenomenal feeling when you progress and master moves, eventually being able to lift and control your entire body weight.  It also helps to improve agility, co-ordination and balance.Whether you’re male or female, gaining such immense physical strength will transcend into every facet of your life and ultimately help you become more comfortable and confident in your own skin.

2. To improve body image – unlike a lot of other fitness regimes which focus on the end result as a goal to work towards, pole fitness lays its emphasis not on what your body looks like and how it changes visually (although that is a bonus) but instead, centres on what your body can do and is capable of.  This is fantastic for maintaining a high level of fitness; working out is never a chore when you’re constantly improving your abilities and developing new ones.

3. To express yourself – pole dancing has so many different types and styles, most of which are a far cry from the dancing performed in strip clubs.  Many performers often choose to combine dancing styles, such as ballet, tap or contemporary, with the pole to create beautiful routines filled with emotion, which they express through movement.  Some simply do it for the health benefits.  This does not mean to say that it can’t be sensual; of course it can – it allows both men and women alike to be closer to their own bodies and embrace their own sexuality.  This combination of athletic skill and artistic influence is what makes pole fitness a truly unique form of dance/sport, incomparable to any other.

Sign up for a pole dancing class today and show the world that you’re a strong, sexy and determined individual, unafraid of stepping out of your comfort zone.  Go on, take a walk on the wild side!

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