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A mixture of work and play keeps the doctor at bay!

13th October 2014

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So you’re a student… You have a lot of lectures and assignments to focus on and deadlines to stick to. You may think it is all study and no play but outdoor activity and exercise at Go Ape will actually help you in so many ways…

Go ApeYou’ll be happier!

Natural light can elevate your mood and you won’t get enough of it tucked away going square eyed in front of a computer in the library! Go Ape is an all weather activity outside so you will be swinging through the canopy with the sun on your face and crisp fresh air filling your lungs. Physical activity is key to relaxing and cheering up so if your not a gym goer then Go Ape is a great alternative that won’t feel like another chore.

Your concentration will improve! 

Catch yourself daydreaming when you should be paying attention? A bit of time in the trees will clear your mind and improve your concentration for those all-important lectures. 

Your health will be boosted 

Getting out and about and ‘exercising’ the forest will improve mental health and overall wellbeing. Getting out and about where there are plenty of green leafy trees and bright open space above you can change your brain chemistry and restore it back to fighting form ready for studying! And if you’re looking for a real high bring your pri-mates for an extra dollop of fun!


What are you waiting for? Leap out of bed and release your inner ape!

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