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3 reasons why you should incorporate green juices into your life


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Sometimes, a hectic life full of commitments forces you to eat processed junk food, without paying attention to the ingredients you are introducing into your body.

An unhealthy diet may be the trigger of many diseases, as well as gastrointestinal problems, difficulty in concentration, lack of energy and sleep disorders. Juicing may help your body to deal with the daily grind.

There are many reasons why today juicing is spreading like wildfire: it is simple, cheap and convenient. Experts suggest we should eat at least six or more portions of fruit and vegetables per day, although, according to the Food Statistics Pocketbook 2013, green food consumption in UK is falling faster than in Europe and US.

That's why consuming green juices may help to increase the intake of vitamins and minerals, strengthening the immune system and obtaining many health benefits. Juicing is used for different purposes, which can be summarized in three main points:

Juicing to detox

Cleansing our body of toxins accumulated during a phase of stress or a period of binges is very important and helpful. Juicing is a great means to improve the natural energy of your body and feel better soon. The typical program suggested to detox consists on cutting out all the processed foods three days before starting to take juices, so that your body will set you up to be able to deal with hunger cravings.

During the cleanse, which can last a few days, you should not eat any food as a 100% juice diet will be much more beneficial. Take time to rest, as well, and after the cleanse you can gradually back up to a full normal diet, without including damaging foods obviously! It is a way to feel good and regain energy rapidly.

Juicing helps weight loss

Many diets cause a lack of important nutrients such as vitamins, which protect us from infection and help the body's natural defenses - natural sugars, that give us energy, and minerals such as Calcium, Iron, or Magnesium that protect bones, muscles, immune system and so on.

Juicing allows us to cut down on calories when it is used, for example, to replace snacks or meals. Having a green juice is a flexible way to consume all the fruits and veggies you need in one time, even if you are not on a diet!

Juicing to support a healthy lifestyle

Do you practice sports? Do you like to stay fit? Juicing can be associated with your normal, healthy diet (and at least two litres of water every day) to make sure your body is consistently getting all the nutrients it needs. Recent studies suggest that some juices (in particular beetroot juice) could even improve sport performances: that is the reason why juicing has come to the attention of many athletes.

In conclusion, if you want to detox, stay healthy, cut down on calories or any other purpose you have in life, introducing green juice on your diet surely has no contraindications. You should just be careful to include fruit and vegetables juices with no preservatives, colorings and other chemicals.

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