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8 ways to detox this January

7th January 2014

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After the Christmas binge January is a great time to give your body a clean and rest. Psychologically it's the start of a fresh new year, and physically it follows a period of over-indulgence and, probably, an amount of unhealthy eating and drinking.

Detoxing has many benefits - it can enhance your energy levels, aid weight loss, clear the skin and improve digestion.

Ilona Wesle is a nutritionist and co-founder of, and she suggests trying out these detox tips for seven days... you never know, it could just give you the boost you need.

Ilona says: "We tend to go into hibernation mode over the winter months. Exercise regimes can fall by the wayside and it's all too easy to curl up with easy comfort food when the nights draw in. And often that means processed meals that are full of toxins which encourage the body to hold onto fat, making us feel sluggish and washed out.

"This is also the time of year that we're more likely to suffer from colds and other bugs - and when we're ill sometimes the last thing we feel like doing is cooking a good meal from scratch. As the days get longer in January and the weather starts to thaw, this is a great month to detox."

1. Try to avoid black tea, coffee and alcohol. Instead drink herbal tea (nettle, if you can stomach it,  is great at supporting the kidneys).

2. Drink at least 1 litre of water per day - ideally more. Keep a bottle by your desk and sip regularly - you'll be amazed how easy it is if you drink little and often. The benefits of hydration will be visible in your face.  

3. Drink fresh juices, e.g. carrot, beetroot, apple and cucumber, as they are fantastically nourishing and cleansing.

4. Avoid processed foods such as ready meals, savoury snacks and biscuits. Instead eat food in its natural state. Cook it by steaming, lightly boiling or poaching - this way you will keep most of the goodness in the food, and retain the full flavour.

5. Chose organic food in order to minimize your intake of toxic pesticides. Even if you can’t make every item organic, do the best you can - it will make a difference. Do this buy heading to a local market for your food shop, rather than Tesco.

6. Eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day - ideally more. At lunchtime and for dinner, aim to cover at least 60% of your plate with vegetables and eat as much variety as possible

7. Reduce your consumption of animal products. Avoid dairy and replace milk with soya or nut milks. Lentils, beans, quinoa, seeds and nuts are good protein alternatives.

8. And finally, you can support the Detox process by getting a good night's sleep, trying Yoga or Pilates, treating yourself to a massage or infrared dome session (in order to sweat out the toxins) and exercising regularly.

By looking after your body at the start of the year you will give yourself the best chance to stay healthy. Exactly what you need to stay on tip-top form for 2014 and beyond!

For more information visit MyDetoxDiet.

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