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Graduate Fashion Week: Ones to Watch


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This week London is filled with young fashion talent, as the annual Graduate Fashion Week returns for its 27th year.

Hundreds of incredible designers from universities all over the country filled the halls of The Old Truman Brewery for the first day of the week-long fashion festival.

We caught up with some of the designers and found out what inspired them to create their innovative collections. Remember these names, because they'll be all over the fashion world before you know it.

Kim Chi Ngu, Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts

"This collection is inspired by the film Pride and Prejudice, so in the film, most the dresses are from the Regency Era, with the shapes - the high waists and the puffy sleeves and also the roses," Kim says.

She also talks through the process of her designs: "I combined the shapes and also the curve of the rose petals into the main concept of the collection. With the embellishments and also the shapes and colours. I transferred from the vintage to look more modern. Regency Era with modern designs." 


Follow Kim Chi: @cc.fashion_official 


Amelia Russell, Leeds Arts University


Amelia's collection is inspired by the 1980s graffiti subculture. She puts particular emphasis on the John Lennon lyrics 'The World Will Live As one', after visiting Prague and seeing the John Lennon Wall. 

Amelia says: "I was looking at the graffiti subculture from the eighties. I then looked at modern stuff, and I went to Prague and saw the John Lennon wall."

She takes her inspiration from her own first-hand experiences: "I did a placement in Erasmus in Milan last year, so I did look at their graffiti and that's where I got a lot of my inspiration. It's where I got the shapes from, from a building that was painted."

She also looks to artists of the past for the intricate, 80s inspired patterns on her garments. "I looked at Keith Haring, which is where I got a lot of the symbols from. But then mainly the modern stuff was just things that I'd seen personally myself and that I loved," she tells us.

Follow Amelia: @ameliarusselldesigns


Laura Sutton, University of Norwich

Laura uses the human body as an influence in her collection. She says: "It's all based on merino wool seamless knitwear. So I've taken that inspiration from the human anatomy, so I've looked at muscle fibres and I've taken that - I've imposed it onto sportswear so it works with the body."

She also takes inspiration from sculptor Peter Randall-Page: "It's based on a piece of Peter Randall-Page's sculpture, called Corpus. It's all about exterior shells and concealing - and also making incisions into fabric almost like constructing fabrics so you can see what's on the inside as well as on the outside. I've shown that through my textiles techniques, my really interesting large, oversized silhouettes."

Follow Laura: @lgsut


 Coral Derfurt


Coral uses childhood nostalgia as the muse for her collection. "My original idea was about dressing up in my mum's clothes when I was younger," she says. "I looked into 'I don't want to grow up', the way that when you're younger you want to grow up and then when you're older you don't want to grow up. You want to be young."

Her designs are decorated with drawings by Coral's young cousins. "My younger cousins, it's inspired by them," she says. 

"I looked into them wearing oversized clothing, and then we made samples - knit samples and weaving, and children's printing and drawings. The drawings on the jeans, I drew them with my two younger cousins - we drew on them and it went from there really."

Follow Coral: @coralderfurtfashion


Graduate Fashion Week 2018 is taking place at the Old Truman Brewery between 3rd and 6th June. The National Student will be reporting from the event daily - see all our coverage here.



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