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Game Review: F1 Pack Rivals App


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First released to the public in 2018, prominent tech developer Avid Games has revamped the official ‘F1 Pack Rivals’ with a brand new 3D feature and overhauled look.

In its essence, the game delivers a compelling gaming experience that sets itself apart from competitors. Players are introduced as a talented rookie who has an opportunity to drive for any of the 10 official constructors.

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Similar to other sporting apps produced by Avid Games, (NFL and NBA) collectors use the in-app currency to purchase packs of cards that can be traded for better strategy and brimming with exclusive F1 photography and trivia.

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Notably, the app can be played in its entirety without spending real currency. Regular card and coin rewards are available to collect throughout the day, giving the user an opportunity to build an extensive online card collection. The in-game cards offer a pleasing and attractive aesthetic for users, as the cards are centred around the current 2019 F1 driver lineup and all 21 circuits.

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However, users can find navigating the game quite difficult in the early stages. The game offers walkthroughs in order to progress but little understanding or knowledge regarding the trading cards is available, leaving a feeling of confusion and frustration as game accessibility suffers.

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Despite early accessibility issues, ‘F1 Pack Rivals’ is an engaging experience that requires forward thinking strategy planning and helps deliver an immersive championship as the season and quality of opposition improves. 

F1 Pack Rivals is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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