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What to look forward to from EA in 2019


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Here is everything that was announced in EA's Play event on Saturday - including a new Star Wars game, Apex Legends Season 2, new updates for Battlefield V, and more.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

First up was a 15-minute, uncut gameplay feature of Respawn Entertainment's action-adventure Star Wars RPG. Following protagonist Cal Kestis, Fallen Order takes place between the Original and Prequel trilogy films, with this walkthrough featuring the returning character of Rogue One’s Saw Gerrera.

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Gameplay boasts inspiration from the Uncharted series, with wall climbing and rope swinging as Cal attempts to free a band of Wookies from an Imperial facility on Kashyyk. Wall-running also returns from Respawn’s previous work on the Titanfall franchise.

Combat takes distinct cues from recently released Sekiro, with lock-on lightsabre combat and a posture system. Force powers look to provide a great deal of creativity to the combat with push, pull, and slow time moves being chained together to defeat a myriad of Imperial foes.

Apex Legends

Significant changes are coming to Apex Legends with Season 2, titled Battle Charge, starting on July 2nd. Advancing the Battle Pass will now be challenge-based opposed to the time-based requirements of Season 1.

Other additions include the L-STAR energy SMG is returning from Titanfall 2 and will be a special weapon pickup from ordnance drops. Respawn is also introducing a ranked mode to Apex, which should enable players to match-up against players of similar skill. Balance tweaks will adjust some weapon variables, most notably the Mozambique shotgun which is renowned for being utterly pathetic.

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Wattson is the new playable legend that is coming to the game with Season 2. As a defence-based legend, she can create up to 12 laser barriers that stun enemies and reveal their location. Her ultimate ability destroys incoming projectiles and boosts Wattson’s active ability. 

Battlefield V

DICE are bringing a total of five new maps to Battlefield V before September with three maps focusing on close quarters infantry gameplay and one on vehicle-based gameplay. The other map, titled Operation Underground, is a re-imagining of the fan-favourite map, Operation Metro.

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The level cap for Battlefield V is increasing from the current level of 50 to 500. Private Games are also on the way, which will allow players to create custom servers with adjustable gameplay variables. Chapter V of Battlefield V’s live service will begin in October, seeing the return of the Pacific theatre of war returning to the franchise.

FIFA 20 and Madden 20

FIFA 20 will be launching on September 27th and will include a new “football intelligence” system, which is supposed to improve the gameplay in a 1 vs 1 situation. New mode Volta will see the return of street football to the franchise. Madden 20 will bring a few new features to the table, including ultimate missions and new x-factor abilities for players.

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Sims 4

Finally, Sims 4 is getting a brand new expansion pack, titled “Island Living”, which is themed around living on a tropical island. There will also be a new Moschino fashion pack, which is accompanied by a new career as a fashion photographer.

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That's everything EA announced, which are you most looking forward to?

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