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Everything we know about the PlayStation 5


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Nearly seven years on from the initial release of the PlayStation 5, we're starting to gain glimpses as to what Sony's next-generation console might look like. Here is everything we currently know about the PlayStation 5.

What new features does it have?

In an exclusive interview with Wired, Sony’s lead system architect, Mark Cerny, was adamant that their next console was no mere upgrade like the PlayStation 4 Pro was to the original PlayStation 4.

Image Credit: StockSnap via Pixabay

The console will feature custom CPU and GPU chips, both from AMD. Real-time ray tracing is expected to be possible with the technology only recently introduced to the PC market with Nvidia’s RTX Graphics Cards.

AMD’s new chip will carry a 3D audio unit that Cerny claims will provide outstanding positional audio with speakers and headphones.

A much faster storage solution will make its console debut on the PlayStation 5 in the form of a Solid State Drive or SSD. SSD’s offer much faster read and write speeds, resulting in much faster loading times compared to a standard hard drive. A tech demo showed a PlayStation 5 load Spider-Man 15 times more quickly than a PlayStation 4.

While Xbox has decided to take the digital approach with their new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, the PlayStation 5 will still accept physical media via a Blu-ray disk drive. In addition, the PlayStation 5 will be fully backwards compatible with all PlayStation 4 games.

What games will it launch with?

A third party developer leak from December 2018 claims to know of some games slated to launch alongside the new console.

For exclusive titles, we have Gran Tourismo 7, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 4K (free to play on PlayStation Plus), The Last of Us 2 Remaster, Ghosts of Tsushima Remaster and Gran Tourismo. Gran Tourismo is an exclusive staple of Sony’s, and we’re due to see another one soon with the last game in the franchise releasing in 2017.

Sony is known to have a quick turn around on remasters in the past with The Last of Us receiving a remaster just 13 months after the original released. It would not be abnormal to see remastered versions of The Last of Us 2 and Ghosts of Tshushima shortly after their PlayStation 4 launch.

Image Credit: Sony

For non-exclusive games, we have Battlefield Bad Company 3, Warner Bros Unnannouced Harry Potter RPG, Grand Theft Auto 6, Assassin’s Creed and Horizon Zero Dawn 2. Both Battlefield and Assassin’s Creed align with their release schedules; Battlefield sees a bi-annual release and Assassin’s Creed is said to be skipping a release this year.

A Grand Theft Auto release seems premature after Red Dead Redemption 2 released just 6-months ago, but Rockstar was able to release Grand Theft Auto 5 only three years after Red Dead Redemption in 2013, so seeing Grand Theft Auto 6 in 2020 is not too unrealistic.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 featuring on the list of non-exclusive games is puzzling as developer Guerrilla Games is a first-party developer for Sony. Queries aside, this listing aligns with teases from voice actress Janina Gavankar that a Horizon sequel is coming soon.

Cerny was adamant that the PlayStation 5 would not see a 2019 release date, and a recent Sony earnings call confirmed that we won't be seeing the console release during the 2019 fiscal year. The earliest the console could release will be May 2020, although it is likely that we could see an October/November 2020 release in time for Christmas. Are you looking forward to the PlayStation 5?

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