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Review: The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Take Us Back


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After Telltale Games suddenly shut down in October 2018, it was unclear whether Clementine's story would be completed since only two episodes out of a planned four had been released. However, Skybound Games stepped in to stop the game remaining unfinished. The fourth and last episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season, 'Take Us Back', was finally released on the 26th of March.

Since the first season was released in 2012, players have seen Clementine grow up through the seasons and continue to overcome impossible situations, making her a true survivor. 


Image Credit: Skybound Entertainment & Telltale Games

The Walking Dead allows players to make their own choices and, as a result, the story changes and develops depending on the player's decisions. Since this episode is the very last one, this makes the choices the player has to make carry more weight as these decisions are what decide the final end to Clem's story.

In this season, Clementine is bringing up a young boy called AJ, despite only being a teenager herself. The player has to ensure that Clementine teaches AJ the right values and lessons as AJ's actions reflect what Clementine tells and teaches him. 

This episode sees Clementine and AJ and the rest of their group fighting zombies and fighting for their own survival as they try to get back home during the aftermath of the explosion in episode three. Clementine and AJs' strong and unbreakable bond is arguably the heart and soul of the season, but their interactions with the other children like Violet, Louis and Tenn, also provide meaningful and emotional scenes.

There are some tough decisions to make, one of which did not seem to be that important at the time but ended up delivering devastating results. Not all of Clementine's group survive, though who lives and who dies depends on the player's choices. I will admit, I cried a lot at certain parts and would be surprised if there was anyone who didn't. 

In my opinion, this episode is a very satisfying, yet sad, conclusion to a consistently good season. However, I am not completely happy with some of the decisions I made, so I will probably have to have another playthrough soon! 

Although I am heartbroken that the game has finally come to an end, I am very glad that it was able to be completed. Clementine has been through too much heartbreak for her story to be left unfinished. 

The final season of The Walking Dead is available to buy now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

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