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Trivia app FleetWit offers a fresh take on an old favourite


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The allure of testing your wits in a live quiz is nothing new, with pub trivia nights dating back to the 1970s and the earliest quiz arcade game, Computer Quiz, going a bit further with its 1968 release. FleetWit joins the party, proving that everyone’s favourite midweek drinking activity is fully deserving of its spot in the digital age.

FleetWit streamlines the premise of trivia, allowing you to challenge other users, and your friends 1v1 to topical mini-quizzes. The quiz company believes that everyone is an expert at something, and in turn offers a massive selection of categories for you to show what you know. Whether it be desserts, literary first lines, football, or even the Bible, FleetWit seems to have something for everyone.

To get started you simply set up an account and purchase some credits (at a rate of 4 credits per USD). You then use those credits to enter quiz challenges that reward anywhere from $1.60 (£1.25) to $1500 (est. £1,175) for a win (!!!). When ready, you’re free to cash out straight to your Paypal account or redeem your winnings for gift cards at places like Whole Foods, Amazon or Adidas, to name a few. 

Image courtesy of FleetWit

One of my favourite aspects of FleetWit has to be Genius Questions. They stray from the typical trivia format a bit, instead offering a visual collage that represents a riddle. It’s essentially a world-wide race to see who can answer it first, with the first person to get it right winning a solid $50 (around £40).

I had the opportunity to talk to Brett Lazer, FleetWit’s Head of Trivia about these Genius Questions and was astonished by the depth of thought that goes into them.

“One of my favourites was a collection of images where each image referenced something whose initials were also a [US] state abbreviation (e.g. a picture of the Chilean author Isabel Allende, initials “IA”, which is the postal abbreviation for Iowa)," he says. "The five states referenced were the five states that have never elected a woman to the US House of Representatives, so the answers are oftentimes several layers removed.” 

While that seems like a mountain of a riddle to solve (which, for 40 quid, it should be), Brett continues...

“Honestly, with the lengths that I go to, I’m not sure how people solve them, but they do get solved!”

The great part about these Genius Questions is that you can take a look at the clue for free; it’s only when you decide to try answering it that it costs you a few credits. They’re challenging to the point of being humbling but also stand as a truly great take on classic trivia.

Brett was also kind enough to offer a pointer or two to bolster your success in FleetWit.

“Staying focused is really crucial. Time is a key factor in determining your score, so parsing questions quickly is very beneficial. However, we've set our scoring algorithm in such a way that you won't win by going for broke on speed.

“Pay attention to years - oftentimes they can help you eliminate choices. Also look out for negative words (we capitalize them so you won't miss them).”

FleetWit is great to load up with a few friends or just to unwind with in bed at the end of the day. The games are quick and as Brett mentioned, your score is dependent on the time it took you to answer a question, so it’s best played when you’re somewhat alert and not distracted. I definitely prefer it to something like HQ Trivia, if not only for the feeling of playing against one other person, rather than a sea of strangers.

The app is free to download (and you should be able to try some of the free-to-play rounds just by registering), although consider yourself warned that it is very addictive.

To find out more, visit FleetWit's website here.

If you’ve enjoyed this article or have downloaded FleetWit, keep an eye out for our full-length interview with Brett coming soon.

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