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Do It Because You Love it: Youtube star, GoldenFM, shares his thoughts on Football Manager and More


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Paul Holden-Warren, or as he is better known, GoldenFM seems to be in a very good place in life. He has a degree from a top university, is married happily to a lovely wife, has a secure job and spends his spare hours guiding various teams to glory on Football Manager, all whilst making top quality YouTube content for his 35,000+ followers. I chatted with him about his Youtube career, monetisation issues, and his future plans.

The first question is always simple enough - what made you want to start on Youtube? “I’d watched Youtube since 2007,” Paul explains, before adding, “It was whilst I was at Southampton University - I was sitting in Hartley Library, researching a project at the end of 2nd year and very bored. I decided to create a Twitter account and I amassed a few followers, so I decided I could move to YouTube. I wasn't much of a fan of Football Manager videos, but I was decent at FM. So, it seemed like something to do in my spare time. There was no real initial spark, but I have always been quite creative and have a good imagination, so it suited me well.”

It is reassuring to know it was almost like a happy accident that Paul got into YouTube, but several years later, what is channel growth like? He answered honestly, “Channel growth is good in November and December due to new FM releases. It can die down in January so I try and focus on something different after Christmas- I guess it worked because I got some growth. To be honest, approaching the summer holidays, it gets less and less dead.”

He attributed it to more people being outside, which seems reasonable enough. His consistency of videos cannot be the problem, he rigidly sticks to very frequent high-quality uploads.

Although GoldenFM’s channel isn’t at the heady heights of millions of subscribers, I ask if he thought YouTube could be his full-time career. Paul was blunt: “For me, personally no. I’d love it to be, but I don't think so. There are only 3 full-time FM Youtubers so it really is not currently an option.”

However, he does admit, “You never know, maybe I need to believe in myself more. I’ve never pushed it hard.”

But his candidness draws me neatly towards discussing Youtube and monetisation - do they need to try harder to retain content creators?

“I think they do support us- after all creators could get nothing! People forget in the early years of YouTube, no one received any money.” His sitting on the fence does waver a tiny bit though, “Nowadays YouTube is such a huge thing. After all, you have adverts on videos so maybe content creators deserve a share of ad revenue. YouTube as a business relies completely on a mix of consumers and producers. Some YouTubers who have millions of viewers/subscribers might start looking if there is more money in TV than on YouTube. Maybe more support is needed at that end of the scale.”

Is Twitch, Patreon and other platforms like that the solution for creators? He shakes his head and chuckles, “For me, Twitch doesn’t suit my lifestyle. I would not be able to spend time streaming- H have done some streams but ultimately I lack the time.”

He is surprisingly mixed towards Patreon. “Whilst I can see why it works for some people, I personally am uncomfortable asking for money for me to do my hobby. If it was a full-time role, I would push it. It is no different from subscriptions to Sky, BT Sport or even a TV license, so it should be completely optional.”

Paul does express some concerns for the future. “More and more content creators shifting towards Twitch and Youtube for purely monetary reasons. I didn’t know you could really make money, I did it cause I wanted to. Junior school kids nowadays say they want to be YouTuber which for me is good and bad. On one side, it shows creativity, but I fear a lot of them don’t want to create, they want to just make money.”

If that side of media isn’t the solution to FM’s money question, then what about E-Sports, one of the fastest growing markets worldwide? Paul really isn’t keen on this idea. “FM is not an e-sport as there is too much randomness. Even as a manager, you aren’t directly controlling the players. E-Sports revolve around superior skill and better individual tactics, whilst FM should be a journey through multiple seasons and you can’t just use one formula. I don’t doubt people find it an entertaining game to watch, but with the weird, wonderful and random match engine events, it doesn’t seem fair to ever have money riding on it.”

And finally, what is Paul’s advice for anyone wanting to start content creation? He takes a few moments to think as clearly this is something that means a lot to him.

He eventually answers, “Be consistent.” He follows up stating, “Do it because you love it. There is no point releasing one video and thinking everyone will watch it. I’ve been doing it now for 6 years and still think I can get better. You need to keep going with it, and as such to try and be as consistent as possible. One video a month will disappear into obscurity, need to commit to it.”

He ends by echoing his earlier warning. “Don’t do it for monetary reasons, you’ll just be disappointed. YouTube should be a creative output to splurge your mind on. With Football Manager creation, you need to have a unique selling point as there is so much out there. To be honest, that is key for all of YouTube really. Once you have something unique that people want to watch, you are onto a winner.

Check out GoldenFM’s social media here, and take a look at his latest channel activity below:

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