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New Harry Potter game confirmed by Pokemon Go's creators Niantic


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Pokemon Go! Everyone remembers summer 2016’s craze, when for a bit, between July and August, humanity seemed more peaceful and we got to have our childhood dreams come true - catching Pokemons, being Pokemon trainers and battling other teams. What glorious times!

The game only lasted around a month before people got tired of Rattatas and Zubats (rat and bat Pokemons) but it has left us believing in the ability of Niantic Labs to create location-based augmented reality mobile experiences and engage the whole community within it.

Well, now that Pokemon Go! is, for better or worse, history, Niantic has embraced another story to re-create as a augmented reality experience. And we could not be more excited or thrilled about it. Four houses to choose from, magic, spells and maybe, just hopefully- having your own Patronus. By this point it is clear that yes, it is, indeed the Harry Potter universe, that is going to be re-created by Niantic.

After a whole year of rumours and speculations, now it’s official - we are getting the app! Details at this point are scarce, and launch is rumoured “at some point next year” but it is expected to be largely influenced by the Niantic’s original game Ingress, which allowed players to explore the environment, battle and collect power-ups.

It seems like Ingress’ mechanics will perfectly translate from si-fi environment to Harry Potter’s fantasy world, adopting Pokemon Go’s expanded location base (originally built for Ingress).

We don’t know much, besides that the game is going to be called “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” and it’s going to be released at some point in 2018.

Well, what can we say? It was meant to be!

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