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9 Games That Will Get You In The Mood For Summer


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July is here and summer is officially upon us!

It’s time for ice cream, the seaside, the heat and the six-week holiday before anyone starts thinking about university again. We want to get into the mood for the season, so here is a list of the games that remind us most of the summer holidays.

Bioshock: Infinite

Do you want to visit the beach this year without actually getting sand in your underwear? Why not try the floating city of Columbia from Bioshock: Infinite! Okay, so the patrons of Battleship Bay are racist religious zealots and the entire city is just about to be destroyed by the man himself, Booker Dewitt, but it’s probably the only place in Columbia where you can spend time doing beach aerobics rather than the work out of a gun fight.


Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII is a fantasy world that’s just full of settings inspired by hot climates. Rabanastre is a medley of middle eastern towns. The Giza Plains is miles of sand and sun – literally, and you’ll be trekking all the way again and again and again. Not to mention, as most Japanese RPG’s are over 100 hours long, the summer holidays is probably the only time you’ll get to actually play the game all the way through.

And lucky for you, this is a game that Square Enix is re-releasing this year (July 2017) in HD for Next Gen consoles.


Friday The 13th: The Game

Probably one of the worst games of 1989, Friday the 13th has been revamped this summer (July 2017) to become a multiple player experience of terrifying summer camp goers. Either you play as Jason and murder your friends for fun, or you work with your friends before death sneaks up on you because Jason has the morph perk on. Either way, summer camp has never been more gruesome!


Far Cry Series

One of Ubisoft’s biggest franchises, every game is set in a new location that you definitely wouldn’t want to take your holiday in. Pirates in Far Cry 3, dictators and rebel groups in Far Cry 4, enemy clans in Far Cry Primal... Safe to say, these would not lead to a relaxing vacation, but if you want to spend your time getting to know the wildlife and shooting oppressors in the face, the Far Cry series might be the good open sandboxes for you spend your time.


Dead Island

Ever wanted to enjoy an island holiday, but thought there weren’t enough zombies? Banoi might be the place for you. But don’t think you need to relegate to just islands – zombies can be found in California too, thanks to Dead Island 2. These are incredibly gory games with satisfying controls and a dark humour that gives the game a personality, which makes it much more than just a hack ‘em and slash ‘em game.



Bright and colourful, and a game for all ages, Splatoon combines the fun of paintball and versus matches with the morphing abilities to turn into a squid. Play by yourself, with friends or over the Nintendo Network; you can have good, messy fun that doesn’t involve death or gore or nightmares.

Splatoon 2 will be released on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U this summer.


Kingdom Hearts 2

Want the bright colours and craziness of Disney but the heartbreak and tears of Final Fantasy? Kingdom Hearts is the way for you this summer – Kingdom Hearts 2, specifically, with its opening scene of sea salt ice cream and the last weeks before school starts again. Enjoy having your heart ripped from your chest and fighting enemies alongside Mickey, Donald and Goofy because why not, right?


Red Dead Redemption

Imagine the worst summer ever, with too much heat and no clean water to cool yourself down, but you are a cowboy. Suddenly, it sounds a lot more enjoyable, right? Red Dead Redemption is essentially Grand Theft Auto in the Wild West, complete with a huge map, tonnes of strange side quests and a cast of characters that are not easy to forget.The sequel has been announced with plans to release next year, so you have more than enough time to live the cowboy lifestyle in the last days of the Old West.

The sequel has been announced with plans to release next year, so you have more than enough time to live the cowboy lifestyle in the last days of the Old West.


Crash Bandicoot Trilogy

With the new HD release of a childhood classic, summer is the chance to re-experience Crash Bandicoot in all its glory. Go back to being a child in the age of simple platformers, that can be split up around the business of your day or take up a week of your life without realising.

Collectables and challenges to meet make it a game that will have you revisiting and revisiting as you desperately try to get 100%.


These are just a few games to get you in the summer mood. What do you think?

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