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Far Cry 5 artwork depicts an idyllic Redneck Last Supper


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The newest Far Cry game is already set to be a controversial one, from the artwork reveal this week.

The artwork of the game, which is set in Hope County, Montana, depicts a group of men (and a woman and a wolf) surrounding a table that is reminiscent of the famous piece of art from the Last Supper.

The image is complete with a Bible and an American flag alongside the bread and wine – and of course, in true Far Cry fashion, guns and other assorted weapons that will no doubt come in handy over the course of the game. All the men have beards and tartan shirts – the heralded sign of rednecks in America – and the one woman appears to be wearing a wedding dress.

And, most harrowingly, bent over before all of this display is what appears to be a cowering man with the ‘SINNER’ carved into his back.

Ubisoft and Far Cry have never been subtle but this is a big sign of the game to come.

Religious zealots and cults.

The twisted American Dream. Militia groups.

Perverted idea of Purity.

The full artwork is shown below:

Much like Columbia of Bioshock Infinite, there is a high chance that players will be machine gunning racists off tall buildings.

Bioshock Infinite itself reached a lot of criticism from all political alignments for its depiction of religion and violence – and it seems Far Cry 5 will contend with the game complaints.

Previous Far Cry games having touched upon tyrannical leaders in the Himalayas and pirates in Austro-Asia, perhaps it isn’t surprising that Ubisoft in Montreal would want to bring in something far closer to home for them.

They’ve never shied away from people surviving acts of violence in the world – oppression, human trafficking, genocide – and it seems extremism and religion is just their newest subject of approach.

The first trailer for Far Cry 5 will be released Friday 26th May.

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