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Review: The Sims 4 City Living


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The newest Sims 4 expansion pack was released in the UK last Thursday and allows you to take your sims into the newest world, San Myshuno, where they can stay in their own apartments.

If you follow the Sims franchise, you’ll recognise this as the Sims 4 counterpart to The Sims 3 Late Night, with some festivals from Seasons thrown in too.

San Myshuno is an absolutely beautiful city; if you visit the penthouse lots (such as the Stargazer Lounge in Uptown, which is shown in the picture below) you are greeted with a fabulous view of the entire city, from skyscrapers to mountains, and even a bridge where another island is visible on the other side.

The downside of this is, you can’t actually visit any of these places. The amount of playable lots is limited, but outside of each one there is a small plaza with different activities going on, plus you can venture out a bit further to try and find some snow globes or posters - the two new household collections.

It’s also quite entertaining to just sit and observe the city, as you’ll find little gems that the creators have added to give that extra sense of realism to the atmosphere, such as a walkway between buildings and traffic on the streets.

Even if you can’t interact with these objects, you can still appreciate them aesthetically and I would encourage you to look around as much as possible. Unfortunately - as is the case with all worlds in the game - you can’t edit anything outside of the lot boundary. This means many of the walkways are left bare where a lot of decoration or extra activities could have been added.

Another addition is the food stalls around the city where you can find spicy curries and use chopsticks - in other words, this is EA’s attempt to make the Sims more culturally diverse without being too obvious about it.

The same goes for the new Asian-inspired clothes; there are some items that look as if they could be traditional Japanese, but with enough colours and patterns to make it suitable for anyone.

There is also the inclusion of a spice festival to boast these new recipes, as well as the humor and hijinks festival, romance festival and geekcon. That’s right, now you can take your sims to comic con and take a selfie with a cosplayer.

As well as this you can help build a spaceship and blast off into space, because what comic con doesn’t have its own fully functional spaceship?

In terms of the apartments themselves, they each have their own personalities with the new addition of lot traits. You can work your way up to a small fixer-upper with leaking pipes and cockroaches, to a luxury penthouse with its own pool. That is, if you have the patience. Feel free to go straight to the penthouse.

You also now have the option to work at home with three new career paths - social media, critic and politician - so you spend even more time in your new apartment.


Overall I would say that City Living has a more diverse range of new activities than the last expansion, Get Together. If you can’t decide between which one to buy, definitely go for this one.

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